Zapya for PC Free Download Guide

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Zapya is a network-free close-range file sharing utility application which can transfer various kind of files at a very high speed better than what we get using Bluetooth and NFC, wirelessly and absolutely free of cost. The UI is also very user friendly & simple and you will not need any user guide or help from any person to begin the file sharing. Not only you can access this amazing file sharing app on your smartphone but you can also download Zapya for PC which will allow you to share your file from desktop/laptop to your handset or vice versa.

Zapya for PC
                                                                                              Zapya for PC


Zapya is the best way to transfer files from one platform to another means it can transfer files across all OS platforms, such as Windows, Android, iOS and others. More amazingly Zapya doesn’t need to connect to WiFi or Mobile Data to transfer files. Zapya also acts faster than Bluetooth NFC when sharing files from one device to the other. It gives up to 10 MB per second. If you install Zapya for PC, you will also be able to play games locally with other players. Some of the games that you can play with the help of  Zapya app are YoYo and PaPaPa, including many others. Zapya is a very fast growing and a globally popular app. Over 300 million users are using Zapya worldwide.

So before you download and install Zapya for PC first check features of Zapya and the requirements to install it on your desktop or laptop.

Requirements to Run ZAPYA on Windows/Mac PC

There are few requirements from a PC which needs to be fulfilled by you, before starting with the installation process. We are going to share them one by one with you.

In case of Mac or Windows, the requirements are same. The system should geared up with at least 4GB RAM, if it has 8GB or more, then you will get the best experience. It should also need the latest version of graphic driver to be installed. In case of Mac, you don’t need to bother about it, but in case of Windows, you have to update it personally.

Check that enough storage is free to be used in the root folder (in Mac), and in C Drive (in Windows). Also, a monitor with HD resolution should be connected to the machine, otherwise you may not able to view the pixels clearly. These are the minimum requirements and every latest generation computer is already compatible with these. Once matched, you can begin download and the installation process we are  writing down here.

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Features of Zapya App

One of the best features of Zapya for PC Official App is its availability for all the platforms like Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows PC and which makes it really easy to transfer documents and files from one platform to another.

Check out the important features of Zapya given below.

  • Lightning fast transfer speed
  • Supports any type of file including music, images, videos  etc
  • File transfer from Android to iPhone and vice versa is possible.
  • File transfer between Android and Windows PC is very easy.
  • You can transfer files from Android to Mac and the vice versa without any hassle.

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Download Zapya for PC on Windows 8.1/8/7

There are two methods to download Zapya for PC. The first method is you can visit the official site of Zapya, download the .exe file in our system and then install and use Zapya from your PC. This is the official method and we will also recommend to follow this method. Else you can download an Android emulator in your system, preferably BlueStacks and then you can download Zapya on your PC.

Zapya on PC Without BlueStacks: Method 1

Below is the official method to get Zapya on PC download which is directly available from the official website. Please follow the below mentioned steps in order to get this incredible app on your computer easily. With Windows 7 and 8 OS the app will work perfectly. You can also try for the XP version, only if the Service Pack 3 is installed in your system.

Step 1: First of all you need to visit the official website of Zapya. Here is the link.

Zapya for PC

Step 2: Now click on the download Button which is visible on the homepage

Step 3: After that select Windows PC

Step 4: On the new page you will find “Download Zapya-PC” option. Click on it.

Step 5: Install the .exe file into your PC.

Step 6: Now Navigate to Desktop to launch Zapya by clicking on the Quick Launch icon like the below given image.

Zapya for PC

Zapya for PC With BlueStacks: Method 2

Let’s start with the process now and all you need to do is to go through following set of instructions as I am writing down.

Step 1: First download BlueStacks from this official website of BlueStacks.

Step 2: After downloading BlueStacks completely double click on the downloaded file to install BlueStacks. As soon as you complete the installation process you will see the BlueStacks homepage.

Step 3: Open BlueStacks by clicking quick launch icon created on the desktop.

Step 4: Click on the Search button which exactly looks like a magnifying glass.

Zapya for PC

Step 5: Write Zapya on the appeared text box. Click on the Searchplay for Zapya like the below given image.

Zapya for PC

Step 6: You will be directed to Google Play Store. Click on the proper Zapya App Icon.

Zapya for PC

Step 7: As soon as you click on the Zapya icon it will take you to the installation page. Click on the Install button to complete the installation Zapya for PC.

Step 7: To access the Zapya app navigate to the BlueStacks home page and then click on All Apps to find the Zapya app on your PC. That is how you complete Zapya App Download on your Windows PC.

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ZAPYA for MAC Download Guide

In-order to download Zapya on your Mac (Macbook Pro or Macbook Air) please go through the below given steps. The Mac version which is manufactured and launched in 2013 or later is eligible follow this method

Step 1: First of all you need to visit the official site of Zapya :

Step 2: Now click on the Download Button which is visible on the right side of your screen.

Step 3: Then click on “Mac”

Step 4: Finally click on “Download Zapya-Mac” and let the downloading process start.

Step 5: Install Zapya on your Mac device.

Zapya for MAC

Zapya for Windows 10 OS

Now we know how to download the popular Zapya app on your Windows or Mac computers. But if you are using the latest Windows 10 on your system and if you want to enjoy Zapya for Windows 10 in that, then just  follow some simple steps. In order to install Zapya on WIndows 10 OS, just follow the Android Emulator process or the BlueStacks process mentioned above and you are all set to use Zapya for Windows 10 system.

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Alternatives of Zapya

One thing let me clear that Zapya is not the only application available of its kind, there are many available in industry like SHAREit, Xender, Software Data Cable, AirDrop, Filedrop, etc. Check our article about SHAREit for PC from here.

Airdroid: As we have mentioned that going through the process of Zapya Download isn’t really hard thing to do. However, still, if you are not getting it Airdroid can just be the perfect alternative for it. It is also possible to use Airdroid from PC just like the one we described in terms of Zapya for PC. Using Zapya one can also share files to android devices along with SMS and messages.

Mobizen: Mobizen is indeed a solid option as an alternative of Zapya. Drag-and-drop file sharing, see notifications directly, connect PC to Android devices and other cutting-edge stuffs are the built-in features of Mobizen. Interestingly, the developer of Mobizen recently introduce a feature that can mirror the screen of your Android device to PC Screen, but it is still under development but users can use it in a limited way. If you are thinking about is it accessible from your desktop? Yeah! Just like Zapya on PC, Mobizen can also be installed in your desktop/laptop

SuperBeam: If you are looking for a plain sailing file transferring application instead of Zapya, SuperBeam is your ultimate option. The simple File transferring app can connect your android device or any other smart devices using the Wi-Fi connection. A clean, easy and user-friendly interface of SuperBeam Works very well and it is also available for all the latest operating system like Zapya for Windows 10, Zapya for Mac and all.

ES File Explorer: If you are just looking forward to kill two birds with one stone, ES file explorer can help you to do that. ES File Explorer is file manager and on the other hand it also works as a file transferring application. ES File Explorer works the same way SuperBeam does in terms of transferring files, it connects your pc to android or other smartphone devices where the app is installed over Wi-Fi. ES is actually worth a share.

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Zapya App Review

Zapya is indeed one of the must have app on Smartphone, as it provides too much features to make one’s life easier. So if you’re looking for Zapya for PC download, then trust me that you are not alone in the list. ‘Zapya App Download’ has become a serious trend nowadays, and people are verry much using this app to transfer file effortlessly with friends and family members. In this article we have highlighted on ways of Zapya Free Download to help you out with getting this app on you Windows or Mac powered syatem in the smoothest and easiest way possible.

Wrap Up

So friends, hopefully this article on Zapya for PC will help you a lot to install Zapya on your PC. So don’t waste any more time. Download Zapya App on your desktop or laptop and start sharing the files with your friends, absolutely free of cost. If you face any problem through the downloading process or in the installing process, just leave your query in our comments section. We will be happy to  answer your questions.

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