YouTube Music New Features: Changing the Music Landscape, One Song at A Time!

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A witty social media user once tweeted, “I will have faith in 21st-century technology, only if YouTube can support music while the screen is asleep!” Well, the Twitter-verse can now have their faith restored because YouTube music new features are going to meet all your demands pretty soon.

After YouTube Red, YouTube Music is set to hit the airwaves with additional improvements; even though it was launched in May, YouTube music new features received a bunch of mixed reviews. The song catalog may have matched the vast directory of Apple’s iTunes and Spotify, but it missed some of the essential elements that were needed to make a music streaming service work, at least in the long term!

How does YouTube music work?

Just like other music streaming services, YouTube has put a lot of attention to detail; this element is seen in the discovery features. This feature states that the Music is more accessible to explore and has an extensive selection of, not only official songs and albums but also remixes, live music and cover artists, as well. Whether you are using the app or the web version, the home screen keeps changing. YouTube music new features will include recommendations that are based on your listening habits but are also aware of your location and the service will offer you music suggestions based on the activities you enjoy. For example, the service can detect if you are at the gym and will compile a playlist to motivate your workout for the day.

How can you get YouTube music?

YouTube music is now available in 17 countries, including the US, UK, and Canada. The app is available in the app stores for iOS and Android smartphones.

How is YouTube music different from Google play music?

If you have installed YouTube music, don’t worry because Google Play music will still be available, for now. The two are codependent on each other; if you have a subscription to Google play music then you will automatically get the premium version of YouTube music, the price that you have to pay will be the same.

This means that you will still have access to any song that you have purchased before and that you have stored in the cloud, to listen on other devices.

What are the YouTube music new features?

During the initial launch of the service, users were unable to browse through music by genre or by the latest album releases; but now, the YouTube music new features will be a replacement of Play music, as announced by Google. The new features will address all the misses that were the service’s shortcomings when the feature was launched; YouTube is going to discuss the new plan soon.

The company has also mentioned that they plan to introduce new essentials into their streaming service every two weeks, while keeping it as consistent as possible. The changes will include, a much-needed revamp of the user interface, and being able to sort through your music lists easily.

Elias Roman, product manager for YouTube Music, has said that they had to remove the shared history feature off YouTube music because it was creating a very messy experience by mixing the playlists from YouTube video site and music site.

Another feature that is to be excluded from YouTube music new features, is the automatic subscription; This feature is going to be removed because by following an artist on YouTube music has resulted in automatic subscription on YouTube Video channels. This feature was an inconvenience because there was no way you could filter out the YouTube creators from the video site who aren’t singers.

Roman also stated, that in the re-launch this issue would be fixed; the service will add a drop-down menu and will enable you to filter out artists that you have followed on YouTube music. YouTube music new features can be a massive success in the future, because, with over 1 billion users that log onto YouTube to listen to music, Google has now concluded that the value of combining this experience with a streaming service, along with YouTube music new features, can be very high. This decision is one of the primary reasons Google wants to make YouTube the core factor of YouTube Music and vice versa.

Roman also mentioned that one of the main requests from users is to be able to store music on hard drives or SD cards. He announced that the ability to stock music on storage devices will now be part of YouTube music new features.

Along with storing music, YouTube music will also enable its users to select the audio quality when they are streaming a song or downloading it. This feature means that you can specify whether you want the quality of the audio to be low, medium, or high.

Users may argue that all these features should have been made accessible from the day the service was launched, but you must take comfort in the fact that Google is not ignoring your requests, and is more than willing to hear its customer base and respond accordingly.

There was always room for improvement; when the service was launched the creators felt that it had enough features to see the light of the day. But as the feedback started rolling in, YouTube realized that there is still a lot of work to do; user feedback and constant repetition is essential for a streaming service to grow, hence the implementation of YouTube music new features, to compete with streaming giants like Apple music and Spotify.

For now, YouTube music is not focusing on exclusives; the company believes that the concept of being exclusive is not good for the customers or the industry.

YouTube music may have a shaky start at the beginning, which is understandable when thrown headfirst in the league of giants. But, now with YouTube music new features, the company has finally managed to hit the nail on the head. Also, earlier our experts got a technique to enable Youtube PIP mode without YouTube Red. 


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