Why is Strava App a Good Tracking App for Athletes? Features, Review, and More

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Strava app is an app used by athletes and people interested in hardcore physical activities like running and cycling. If you’re an athlete, or you’re into sports and other activities that challenge your physical strength, Strava app is a must for you. Wouldn’t it be fun to be in competition with yourself and your own records? As of now, the app has 2,96,361 downloads on Google Play store. It has a rating of 4.6 and is categorized under Editor’s choice apps.

It is important to use an app that tracks your improvements in your sport so as to set a goal and work towards it. Imagine you’re preparing for a school level, college level, or even state level running championship. How do you know that you are doing it better than you did it yesterday? This is where strava app comes into play. The app is absolutely free to download and use unless you want to update it to the premium version.

Features of Strava app

  • During and after a physical activity like running or cycling, know the distance you covered, the time taken, your pace, speed, elevation, and much more.
  • Know how much calories you burnt while completing you activity, which will motivate you further.
  • You can see an interactive map of your performance.
  • Strava app comes with monthly challenges to push you further, till you attain perfection.
  • You can check different segments of your activity using strava segments and analyse how well you did in each of these segments.
  • Strava app lets you connect with people of similar passion towards physical fitness and sports. You can interact with them and discuss about your activities and goals.
  • You can connect with your gym buddies and pros in your field to ignite conversations that would help you improve yourself.
  • You can post pictures and videos of your performance to let everyone know how hard you’re working.

Benefits of Strava app

  • You can share your posts from strava app with your other social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • You can pair your GPS running watches, cycling computers and activity trackers with the app.
  • You can pair a heart rate monitor with strava for additional data on your performance.
  • You can upload the data of your activities through strava app with the help of your android watches, even when your phone is not with you.

Premium version of Strava app- Extra features

The premium version of this app is not a free version. However, for passionate athletes, a few bucks doesn’t hurt if its in exchange for awesome extra features like those mentioned below

  • Personalized coaching for extensive training.
  • Live feedback on your performance while you’re at your activity.
  • Get better analysis options in the premium version.

Strava app is right now coming up with new updates that focus on  making it more user friendly and social. The posts on strava resembles Facebook posts a great deal, which may not be something desirable since it disrupts the chronological order of activities in a user’s account. The latest update isn’t received well when compared to the older ones and we hope that it’s fixed soon.

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