Android Oreo: What’s New in This Latest Android 8.0 Version

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Google has recently launched its latest major operating system update named Android Oreo, which is going to be the backbone of various Android devices in the near future. The beta version of the Android Oreo 8.0 is already available for the developers to try and the main update will start rolling out to specific phones, like the Google Pixel and Nexus phones in the next few weeks.

After rolling out for Google Pixel and Nexus phones the update will slowly start rolling out for the other Android devices that have the supporting hardware for it to run. This is the eight major software release of the world’s most popular mobile and tablet operating system. But what new features will this newest version of Android entail in terms of features and capabilities?

Here is a list of the new features that the new Android Oreo brings with it.

Top features of Android Oreo 8.0

PiP mode (Picture in Picture)

Android Nougat, the previous version of Android Oreo introduced a split-screen window mode in the phones and tablets running the operating system. This was a great feature as it allowed people to multitask without having to close the applications. However, this feature works on for some apps, not all the apps which is a problem. The PiP feature in the new Android Oreo 8.0 overcomes this issue by allowing you to minimize a video or a video call into a corner of your phone screen so that you can carry out your other tasks simultaneously.

Android Oreo

Faster boot times

The boot time of a device is generally associated with the hardware of the device. However, Android Oreo is supposed to bring in the benefit of faster boot times for all the devices that run the operating system. Most of the people will not know about this minor feature but it’s an important one as it makes the device reboot faster and smoothly as well.

Restricted background activities

This is basically a power saving feature that stops the app functions that run in the background even after you close them. Stopping the background app function ensures that your phone’s battery lasts much longer than what it used to do earlier. Paired with the Doze function of Android that saves battery during the down time, this feature provides you some extra battery hours.

Boosted audio performance

Thanks to Android Oreo’s support for LDAC, a high-resolution Bluetooth codec developed by Sony, the sound quality of your Android device is going to be very high. This feature is only for the audio played through Bluetooth devices, but now with the smartphones losing the 3.5mm jack and people turning to Bluetooth headsets and speakers, it’s a great feature to have for the operating system.

Notification dots

This has been a feature that’s been missing in Android for a long time now, give that iOS and some launchers already using it since eternity. However, the new Android 8.0 comes with the notification dots feature that lets you know if there’s any notification at any time. Unlike iOS, the new Android Oreo doesn’t provide you information about the number of pending updates but knowing what to look for is a very good thing.

Android Oreo

New emojis

Finally, Google is replacing its traditional gumdrop emoji style that it has been using in all its previous versions of Android. The new emojis the conventional round faced emojis that most people are aware of. Android Oreo also comes with some new emojis, like the starstruck, fairy, mermaid, throwing up emoji, giraffe, and many others.

Android Oreo

Other new Android Oreo features

Apart from the aforementioned features, there are many others as well that Google has tried to bring in its new Android Oreo operating system. Android Instant Apps is one of them that enables you to use the applications without installing them. This feature uses the browser to let you use the application without installing it on the device.

Android Oreo also includes new autofill option that lets you save your passwords and other stuff in your favorite apps. Plus there are other features, like new downloadable fonts, notification snoozing option, a new Wi-Fi assistant, background location limits, Tooltips, notification categories, and various other things that you could look out in the Android’s new operating system.

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