How to Download Videoder Apk on Any Android Device

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Videoder APK: YouTube is old hat, Videoder is here. The app allows users to download music videos as well as audios from YouTube. Gone are the days when you had to settle for downloading low-quality videos or using software that made your device slow or freeze. With Videoder APK you can download videos from any of the several formats as well as rake benefits of the only audio downloading facility. Besides being free, it’s devoid of ads so there are no pesky adds hindering your experience. The Videoder app is available for Android users as well as Windows PC users. Besides Windows, the app can is used to download videos on Mac and Linux desktops too.

Videoder Apk
Videoder Apk Download

Videoder APK Features

Before getting down to the nitty gritties of how to install and use the app, let’s talk a bit about Videoder. We already know what the app primarily does. What is most amazing and wonderful is that the app isn’t limited when it comes to desktop use. People with Windows, Linux OS or Macbook can download YouTube videos or mp3 for free. A couple of other things to look forward to in the app are:

  • With Videoder, you can download several TV shows and movies directly into your device and watch them later offline, whenever you have a chance to.
  • The app allows you choose not just the quality as well as different formats for the video you want to download. Based on the speed of the internet, the space available and the time you’d need to download, you can choose the format of the download that ranges between MP4, MKV, 3GP, etc and resolutions like 480p,720p, 1080p, etc.
  • The downloaded files are stored in a specific folder made automatically on your device and it’s likely to be named Videoder. All downloads are stored in one place so that you can find all your videos in one place.
  • Users have the ability to preview the videos before downloading them to be sure of the quality of the video. This not just saves time but also precious internet data.

Videoder APK for Android Devices

Downloading or using the app for your smartphone isn’t rocket science. The steps are fairly easy and very convenient. Take a look yourself and try them.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Videoder from their official site by following this link. If your browser warns you on downloading apk outside Google Play Store, simply ignore it go ahead with the downloading process.

Step 2: Watch the download in the notifications panel. Once the download is complete, tap on the completed notification to install Videoder APK.

Step 3: Your settings may not allow you to install apk outside Play Store. If you see the popup saying “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources,” then tap on ‘Settings’ then ‘Security>Unknown Sources ‘ and turn it on.

As per the official site, the reason why you’ll have to turn on ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ is that Google does not recommend installing an application outside Play Store, as they are not verified by Google. Videoder and similar YouTube downloading apps are not allowed to be published on Play Store due to YouTube’s term of service. That is why they are available as direct downloads from the officially verified website.

Step 4: Go back to Downloads and open the downloaded Videoder APK file and complete the installation. Do not forget to turn off Unknown Sources once the installation is complete. It helps protect your handset from malicious malware attacks.

Videoder APK Download for PC: System Requirements

In order to get the apk file to work on your Windows PC, you need to have a couple of minimum system requirement. The system that we need is more or less available in all modern computers. To be precise, users of Windows system (2013 or later) or a Mac one (2013 or later) can easily get this Videoder apk to work on their desktops. Check the following, if you don’t have the basic system requirements, you need to upgrade.

  • Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1, 10 or Mac OS X
  • Internet
  • 4 GB of RAM and at least 5GB of free storage in C Drive for Android emulator’s files and files of Cartoon HD APK to be installed
  • 1 GB Graphics Card and that should come up to dated

Videoder APK for PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & XP)

To get the app to work on your PC, you’d need an Android emulator called BlueStacks. What it’ll do is that it’ll trick the apk file to believe that it’s working on an Android handset rather than on PC.

Step 1: Download BlueStacks emulator from the official website. Once downloaded open the file and proceeded to install. Skip this step if you already have BlueStacks installed.

Step 2: Download latest Videoder APK on your computer from here. Once Downloaded open it with BlueStacks emulator by ‘Right Click>Open With>BlueStacks’ and wait for it to install.

Step 3: Once Installed you can start using Videoder on your Computer.

Videoder APK for Mac

Unfortunately for people who are using Mac, can’t access the app. There are a couple of ways one can use apk files for Android on Macbook, but those methods don’t work with this Videoder apk file. As for now, we don’t really have a hack on how to use Videoder apk for Mac.

Videoder APK for Windows 10

The guide that we have provided above works perfectly for Windows 10. We realize that with the launch of Windows 10 several Windows users have moved on to the new platform. As a result, many folks are worried if they can use apps for PC on the new platform. Normally all hacks that we write on Droid Adda work on Windows 10 unless stated otherwise.

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Videoder APK FAQ

For anyone planning on using the app must have a number of questions popping up in their minds right now. For them, we have made up a list of frequently asked questions regarding Videoder Apk that can be viewed below.

Is Videoder free?

Yes, Videoder is absolutely free. Moreover, it has no ads and needs no premium account to get rid of pesky ads.

Why is Videoder not on Google Play Store?

The app is not available on Google Play Store because of certain Google terms and conditions which prohibit Youtube downloading apps owing to copyright concerns. However, the app is readily available on many famous online stores like UpToDown, 9apps and Portal Programas.

Is Videoder safe to Use? 

As per the maker, the app is absolutely safe and contains no malware or virus.

Is Videoder available on PC?

Yes, You can download Videoder for PC. We have posted guides on the same above.

How to update the app?

Whenever there is a new version of the application users will be notified and asked to update. However, users can always check for new updates by going to the “Right drawer menu” and clicking on “Check for update button”. Now click on the “Update” button to download the latest update and then install it, automatically.

Is Videoder available on iOS or Windows phone? 

No. Unfortunately, Videoder is not available for iOS and Windows phone as for now. But as per the makers, they’ll be launching the app soon for iOS and Windows phone soon.

Can we share any audio or video file using the app itself?

Yes, you can share any audio or video file to your social media accounts like Facebook or Whatsapp and even through Bluetooth.

How can we save the downloaded files to external storage?

You can change your storage location by going to the right drawer menu > settings > change default path and then selecting where you want to download your files.

Does uninstalling Videoder or clearing app data delete all my downloaded files?

No, all the downloaded data remains in the default Videoder folder or any the folder you have selected even after you uninstall the app or clear app data.

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Final Words

Videoder is an amazing video downloading app that has managed to catch and hold the attention of several users worldwide. The Videoder APK file can be used both on Android smartphones as well as PC. Pretty small in size, the software has garnered appreciation from fans and critics alike. It is advisable for anyone wondering if they should get the app, to get it right now.

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