Verified Accounts For New Business WhatsApp Feature

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Ever since WhatsApp hit the list of social networking apps, it has managed to keep its position intact by strategically adding features and pleasing its users. We witnessed a number of updates, like the blue tick marks, exchange of documents, and adding stories. The new update seems to make WhatsApp “business WhatsApp”. This will be done by letting you and businesses communicate and even place orders on WhatsApp.

Starting off with small businesses for testing this new feature, it’s been said that once the whole testing thing proves to be a success, it will aim for a global level of customer-company communication. WhatsApp has been free to use for everyone till date. But, WhatsApp plans to charge bigger companies for using it in the coming future- all a great strategy for money making. Small businesses probably don’t have to be intimidated by this news, since it still claims to be free for them to use.

Business WhatsApp Features

As the new feature makes its entry, both user and business will witness a great platform for buying and selling. You can place orders on WhatsApp since this is one of the most used apps in the world for communicating.

Besides this, it will let bigger businesses send notifications to its users. For instance, airline companies will be able to send flight timings, any delays, etc. on WhatsApp. And, if you are placing orders, you can check the status of your order and delivery confirmations on WhatsApp.

You’ll know it is a business account when it has a green badge and a white tick mark to verify it. If you do not wish to receive notifications, you can also block these accounts just like any ordinary contact.

While this is the whole basic idea of how the future business WhatsApp will be like, it still doesn’t have a blueprint. Quite like all the other features that WhatsApp had come up with in the past, this one might prove to be highly rewarding too.

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