Useful Google Apps You Might Not Be Using Right Now

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Google has a considerable measure of applications. Possibly too much, in specific cases. In the midst of all the undeniable titles and strangely overlapping offerings, however, Google’s wing of the Play Store holds some really helpful apps – cunning manifestations by the maker of Android that are quite recently waiting to be found. Here are eight useful Google apps that’ll enable you to do a wide range of intriguing things with your Android gadget. What’s more, they’re all free.

Useful Google Apps #1: Trusted Contacts

useful google apps

Trusted Contacts gives you a chance to set up location-sharing relationships with your companions, relatives, or any other individual you know and adore (or possibly just kinda-sorta like). Once the two individuals have installed the application and endorsed the relationship, either individual can ask for the other’s area whenever. In the event that the beneficiary doesn’t react within five minutes, his last known area will naturally be sent. What’s more, it works regardless of the possibility that his/her phone is off or out of range.

Useful Google Apps #2: Google Handwriting Input

Ever have a craving for writing something out on your cell phone’s display? Google Handwriting Input gives you a clean slate for composing – with your finger or a stylus – and after that, changes your messy chicken scratch into a genuine, sendable content. It works shockingly well, and it can even deal with emoticons (on the off chance that you are enlivened to draw those).

useful google apps

The best part about Handwriting Input is that it works as an inseparable unit with Google’s customary, completely highlighted Gboard console: Once you introduce and enact the application on your telephone, you’ll see another globe-like symbol in Gboard’s base row. All you’ve gotta do is tap it to flip forward and backward between general QWERTY keypad and your new handwriting input option.

Useful Google Apps #3: Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture gives you a chance to investigate national parks and landmarks, zoom very close into popular show-stoppers, and even take virtual voyages through entire museums from your cell phone.

useful google apps

The application is simply packed with cool perspectives of intriguing things from around the globe, and it’s something you truly need to involve yourself in. In the event that VR is your cup of tea, there’s a different VR variant of the application that works with compatible headsets.

Useful Google Apps #4: Google Trips

Sorting out travel can be an agony – however, in the event that you’re utilizing Gmail, Google’s new-ish Google Trips application makes everything super basic and simple.

useful google apps

Trips naturally finds and imports all your travel information as it touches base in your inbox – travel reservations, hotel reservations, and some other related affirmations – and packs it all together into perfectly sorted out excursion based portfolios. It even includes additional little treats like proposals for close-by attractions, prominent (and adjustable) day designs, and eatery suggestions.

Useful Google Apps #5: Google Opinion Rewards

In case you’re among those not yet utilizing it, begin now – on the grounds that it’s essentially only an approach to get free Google Play Store credit for taking infrequent surveys.

useful google apps

The application will advise you at whatever point another review’s accessible. You answer a modest bunch of inquiries regarding a current shopping background or your considerations on some sort of stock, and after that, the application puts a credit on your Play Store account. It may be for 10 pennies or it may be for a dollar. In any case, it takes no time to do, and the credits add up quick – meaning your next app buy or film rental can be on the house.

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Useful Google Apps #6: Chrome Remote Desktop

useful google apps

Chrome Remote Desktop is one of Google’s most effective cross-stage tool – but then it doesn’t get almost enough consideration. The application makes it dead-easy to remotely get to any desktop PC from your Android telephone. All you need to do is introduce the partner desktop Chrome expansion, set up a PIN, and that is it; You can pull up your desktop on request and access documents, open projects, or do whatever else you require from the palm of your hand.

Useful Google Apps #7: Wallpapers

The appropriately named Wallpapers makes finding a background for your home screen a fun enterprise, with alternatives for choosing dazzling pictures from sources like Google Earth or the photographer-favored displays of Google+.

useful google apps

Best of all, the greater part of Wallpapers’ classifications – Earth, Landscapes, Cityscapes, et cetera – incorporate a “Day by day backdrop” choice that’ll naturally change your experience to an alternate purty picture each and every day.

Useful Google Apps #8: Android Auto

useful google apps

Google re-did its Android Auto application a couple of months prior and made it into something any individual who drives standing by. The new Auto application is fundamentally an “auto mode” for your telephone – an interface that is improved for driving, with extensive catches for usually utilized orders and rearranged access to the kind of stuff you may require while in the driver’s seat.

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