Why to Use Android APK Compressor or App Size Reducer

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When the size of an app is pretty huge, users hesitate at least a bit before downloading it. First of all it will cost the consumers a lot of data as well as time in a digital world that is faster than a heartbeat. Another major drawback of large sized apps is that they eat up the most precious and limited resource in a user’s phone- the storage space. As a developer, you need to be aware of the importance of android apk compressor or app size reducer in order to sell it better.

If you’re app was one of a kind and has a huge user base, then maybe you wouldn’t have to worry much about it until you’re at the top and you have no competitors. But even then, you will lose those users who want to use your app but had to download some other app which was more essential for them. This is why android apk compressor or app size reducer is an important player here.

When it comes to apps, it’s not just apps in a particular genre competing against each other but every app competes with each other for a user’s phone storage space. Android apk compressor or app size reducer will help you compress the apk file and get you more users.

Resource shrinking tools will help you eliminate unused resources in the apk file. You can get it done through Android Plugin for Cradle which will also remove unused resources in the code library. These tools work hand in hand with code shrinking tools and they eliminate resources related to a code when that particular code is removed.

  • Code shrinking tools

These tools helps in eliminating unused classes, fields, methods, and attributes in the apk file.

  • Image compressor

It’s the visual part of the digital age that people love today. Otherwise we cannot explain the popularity of Instagram, Clash of Clans, or Candy Crush. Reducing the size of the images will definitely reduce the size of the app. This will make it easier for the users to load the images in the app even if the internet connection is not very fast.

  • Architecture reduction

A great architecture makes a great app, but it’s going to be a huge app. If nobody downloads and uses it because it’s too huge, then what is the point in an exaggerated architecture? Try reducing it without having to cut off important elements from the app.

  • Static code analyzer

A static code analyzer will help you detect and eliminate unused elements in the app package like functions, variables, and logic flaws.

  • Code recycling

As you keep updating your app, you might not require some codes and other elements. These elements stack up and leads to increase in the app size. This is why it is important to recycle or remove the old codes when you add new ones.

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