Interesting Ways to Turn an Old Android Smartphone to Something Useful

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With new smartphones announced and launched almost every other week, old Android smartphones go out of fashion in no time. People buy smartphones with a specific set of features and after that, within some months they come across a phone having, even more, features than their old Android smartphone, which leads them to buy the new one even if the old phone is working fine. The old phones are sold or abandoned where nobody uses it.

Instead of just keeping these old Android smartphones in the drawer, you can use it many productive ways. You’d be pleasantly surprised to know that your old Android smartphone can offer you a lot more than you might have thought because it’s still a capable, smart, and powerful device. Let’s discuss how you can use your old smartphone to make something productive.

Intriguing ways to use your old Android smartphone

Use it as a car dash cam

If you own a car and have an extra Android smartphone that is no longer used by anyone, you can set-up your own dash cam without buying a new one. All you need to do is just buy a smartphone cradle or a smartphone holder that you can fix on your car’s dashboard. You can find these cradles and holders easily and at cheap prices as well.

old android smartphone

Once you get a holder, Install one of the many dash cam apps that are available in the Google Play Store. You can download and install Cam On Road app, AutoGuard Blackbox, or AutoBoy Blackbox, which are the top rated and the most popular dash cam apps available in the Google Play Store. After installing the app all you need to do is just place your old smartphone in the holder attached to the dashboard, open the dash cam app, and start recording.

Turn it into an offline GPS

You needn’t buy an extra GPS device for your vehicle if you have an Android smartphone that’s just lying around. You can use the old Android smartphone as an Offline GPS for your vehicle. There are many good apps available in the Google Play Store that help you use GPS offline. All you need to do is download one such app, install it on the phone, keep the phone in your vehicle, provide your destination, and you’re good to go.

old android smartphone

Use it as a baby monitor

If you have small children at your place then you might already be knowing the importance of a baby monitor. However, most of the baby monitors are expensive and very basic in their functions, which limits them. By using an app, like Dormi-Baby Monitor you can actually turn your old Android smartphone into something that can not only monitor the audio and video but also send you alerts when something’s wrong. You can also find various apps that can play any recorded voice or even a song to make the baby calm.

old android smartphone

Use it as a WIFI device

This is probably the simplest and easiest way of making the most out of your old Android smartphone. Instead of buying and carrying a WIFI device, you can use your old smartphone as a WIFI provider device. All you need to do is get a SIM card with a data pack and put it on the old device. Once you do it, turn on the data and open the Tethering and hotspot settings where you can switch on the WIFI sharing option. Furthermore, you can also use this feature to share the internet with your friends and family at home as well.

old android smartphone

Turn it into a personal alarm clock/calendar

An old Android smartphone can make a great alarm clock, desk clock, or even an event or to-do calendar. You’ll only need to download some of the apps that could turn your phone into an interactive alarm clock that will not only show you the time and will act as an alarm but will also show you weather forecasts, news, and your calendar. This is a good way to start your mornings.

old android smartphone

As you can see from the aforementioned ways, you can turn your old Android smartphone into something very interactive and useful, instead of just keeping it in your drawer.



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