Best Applications to Transfer Files From Android to PC

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In this age of smartphones, one of the most common things that people do is transferring data from their smartphones to their PCs. The data could be in the form of pictures, music files, and even video files sometimes. The transfer of files actually takes place through a various number of ways, which include, cables, wireless connections, and even applications. Here is a list of best applications to transfer files from Android to PC.

Top apps to transfer files from Android to PC


This is one of the most popular application to transfer the data from an Android device to a PC. Not only that, this application can also do many other things, like sending and receiving messages, viewing device notification, and much more. Its features also include enabling the user to find the Android device, camera controls, and using apps on the PC as well.

transfer files from android to pc


This is one of the best application to transfer data from Android devices to PC and vice-versa. It supports fast transfer of data and can also perform a bunch of other stuff as well, like sending and receiving SMS, sharing the clipboard, checking notification, and most importantly transferring all types of files. The application is both available in free and paid version, where the free version limits its features and the size of data transfers. However, you could get the full version at $4.99 to enjoy all its services.

transfer files from android to pc

Resilio Sync

This application works like a cloud storage, where your PC acts as a storage server for the application. It’s because of this you get the option of transferring as much data as you like, which you can transfer back and forth at will. This is one of the safest forms of data transfer and storage as all the data are saved on your PC. Resilio is a completely free application and the best part is it’s ad-free as well.

transfer files from android to pc

These are some of the best applications that you can use to transfer files between your Android device and your PC

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