Top 5 Yoga Apps in Hindi to Melt Your Stress Away

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Yoga is a not only an important component of the Indian culture but also a habit that paves its way towards a healthy life. It is mentioned in our sacred Vedas which were scriptures written by saints during the early times. It was given utmost importance even in those times because of its power to heal you and keep you healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.If you’re more comfortable following Hindi instructions, then you must know that there are Yoga apps in Hindi too.

Making yoga an every day habit can change your life like a miracle and you can stay healthier as well as happier. It’s a blend of exercise as well as meditation. You know how stressful your everyday life is; and there’s no escape rather than being strong from within inside. Even though there are many apps for yoga in English, only a few are available in Hindi. Here is a list of top 5 yoga apps in Hindi.

1. Yoga Videos: Baba Ramdev

This app, developed by Top Black Magic doesn’t really involve any black magic and is just a health and fitness app. It contains videos that will instruct you how to perform yoga. There are videos in Hindi as well as many other Indian languages like Marathi, Gujarati, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Odia.

The app contains a segregation of yoga videos from the internet which are meant for different ailments like breathing troubles, back pain, dust allergy, weight loss, periods cramps, sleeplessness, and kidney diseases.

2. Yoga and Health Tips

Yoga and Health Tips by Sharper is your perfect guide for a healthy lifestyle. It not only gives you instructions on how to do your yoga sessions, but also let’s you know what is good for your health and what is not. This apps also contains videos that demonstrate the asanas. The language used is Hindi.

This app provides you information on the power of simple and natural food. It also let’s you learn about acupressure and how it can be used to get relieved from pain.

3. Ramdev Yoga 2

The app contains 4 packages of yoga asanas that are suggested by Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. The instructions are in Hindi. You will love this app even more because it doesn’t take a lot of space to fit into your android phone. Yoga increases the flexibility of your body, helps improve your mental health, increases blood flow in your body, and keeps you calm and energetic throughout the day.

4. Yogasana in Hindi

What makes this app different is that it contains pictorial representation of yoga postures along with the instructions. This app developed by RN solutions, also uses the language Hindi. Yogasana also comes with a long list of healthcare tips. This is one among the best yoga apps in Hindi which you can download on your android phone.

5. Yoga Book in Hindi

This app also contains information on yoga and how to do yoga. The yoga types are classified according to the needs of a person since yoga can be used to target a particular ailment or illness. It’s a complete package of yoga including various asanas and mudras that will help you recover from any problems you have physically. Also, the breathing exercises helps you have good blood circulation throughout the body. The language used by this app is Hindi.

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