Top 5 Weight Loss apps for your Android Phone

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Weight loss apps are necessary because losing weight is definitely not as easy as gaining weight. It will take months of hard work and motivation to lose all of that nasty fat from your body. Being chubby is not a crime because all of us are truly beautiful however we are. However, being fit is being healthy. Also, if you’re fit, you’re definitely going to be more confident too.

Most of us skip our breakfast, hit the club every weekend and like to watch late night movies. If you’re a workaholic person and you have a desk job, your whole body will transform according to your daily physical activities which majorly includes sitting for a long time. All these things impacts our body negatively and the amount of junk food we dump in, worsens things. Try to eat home made food and a lot of fresh fruits along with adequate amount of your water. Once you’re on with a good diet, make sure you sleep well. The workout part comes only after that.

There are apps that helps you maintain a balanced diet and there are apps that concentrate on workouts related to body building. The plan to success of your weight loss should cover all the parts including diet, workout, and rest. So, what we’re looking for, are all rounder weight loss apps in this list. Here are the top 5 apps We’ve picked for you according to their features, number of downloads, and user ratings.

30 Day Fitness Challenge- Workout at Home

Are you ready for a challenge? If you want to lose weight, you will have to stick with the plan suggested by this app. It is designed with the help of professional fitness trainers and is scientifically proven to be effective in reducing body weight. You can connect this app with Google Fit and synchronize the data related to calorie burnt. The features of the app include

  • Automatic recording of the training process
  • Workout reminders
  • Gradual increase in the intensity of workout routine from beginner to pro
  • Video demonstrations of exercises to teach you better
  • Different types of challenges including 30 day abs challenge, 30 days full body challenge, 30 day butt challenge
  • Share your progress with friends on social media

Lose It (weight loss apps)

Lose It is a selected app that comes under the Editor’s Choice list. Under NIH study 2016, it was found that 74.7% people who had used this app gained clinically significant weight loss. You need to feed in your details to this app and the app will calculate a calorie plan for you. You need to follow this plan for effective weight loss. Below are the features of Lose It

  • The app comes with a bar code scanner with the help of which you can scan the barb codes of food items you’re consuming and know how many calories they contain.
  • You can keep track of how much you ate at what time with the help of pictures of what you ate that can be attached to the log.
  • Things like macronutrients, water, health, and body measurements can also be tracked with the help of this app.
  • You can create challenges of your own and customize them.
  • You can also participate in public challenges put forward  by others and also invite your friends to participate in your challenges.

The app is free for you to download and use. However, there is a paid version of this app that offers you additional features.

Calorie Counter- My Fitness Pal

This is one among the most downloaded weight loss apps and is included in the editor’s choice list. No wonder why, because the app offers a lot of features that will help in weight reduction. Here’s the list of features offered by calorie counter

  • It has a huge food database that contains a lot of recipe from multiple cuisines.
  • It has a bar code scanner with the help of which you can scan the bar codes of packaged food items to know the calorie count of the content.
  • It helps you find healthy restaurants to eat around you and fetches you the menu.
  • Make your own recipe and save them for future reference.
  • Track everything including calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins, and more.
  • You can make a customized diary in which you can plan for all the meals of the day.
  • Track the amount of water you drink every day in cups, ounces or ml.
  • Create your own goals which can be weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance.
  • Track your daily steps as well as exercises.
  • Choose from a wide variety exercises for different purposes.

You can also join the community of the app and get news letters that contains useful information regarding weight loss and motivational content. You can add your friends and get fit together! Share your progress online and  check the history of your progress whenever you want.

Runtastic Running

One of the best exercise to do when you’re starting your weight loss plan is to walk. Walking is always a healthy thing to do. If you’re over weight, try to walk every day. Going out for an evening walk is bliss! it’s fun because you can enjoy the evening while you’re burning away unwanted calories. This is an important app among the weight loss apps that you find on Google Play store.

You can view a running map which works on GPS and follow the track to your destination. You can also seek the help of a voice assistant that will guide you through the app for the first one mile. The app not only tracks your fitness, but it tracks the fitness of your running shoes too! It notifies you when you need to change your shoes and get a new pair.

You can integrate this app with Google Fit and My Fitness Pal for overall weight loss tracking. You can add your friends to your profile and they can see you live as you run towards your goal and cheer you! The app is a sweet heart because it has got a music playlist that contains powersongs which will motivate you while running.

Even though Runtastic Running is a free app, there is a premium version in which the paid members can enjoy additional features.

Yoga for Super Weight Loss

Weight loss can be very stressful to your body as well as your mind since you will be cutting out a lot of eating and sweating out a lot of fat. This is why you need to do yoga everyday. Yoga is well known to increase your body’s flexibility and to burn fat. That means it’s a cool way to refresh your mind as well as body.

Yoga for Super weight loss is one among the best weight loss apps because it includes many tutorials to burn fat in particular parts of your body like belly, hands, thighs, and many more. The app also teaches you breathing exercises which are important to maintain good blood circulation in the body.

Hope you found this article useful. All the best for your weight loss journey and let us know your experience in the comments section below!

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