Tinder puts a price tag on love by launching Tinder Gold

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Tinder is one of the most successful dating apps that the world has ever seen. It readily gives its users all the thrills as well as disappointments associated with the world of dating. And in order to make this journey even more interesting, Tinder has come up with its brand new feature: Tinder Gold.

What is Tinder Gold?

It’s quite often that users have a grievance against the dating app, where they feel that swiping all the time is a massive waste of time and energy. A lot of people just wish that they could at least see all those people who have already liked their profile. Well, that was the conception of the idea for Tinder Gold.

The best part about Tinder is that it knows how to give its users a personality as well as a confidence boost. This is the reason why they have launched a completely new service, Tinder Gold. Tinder Gold is a premium service that lets its users in the US see all the people that have liked their profile, whether or not the feeling is reciprocated. And all of this for a small monthly subscription fee.

Tinder Gold

And the absolute best part about this service? You can find out all the people who have liked your profile without the hassle of swiping right/left. Makes life a whole lot easier, doesn’t it?

The benefit is called “Likes You” and was launched for US iOS users just yesterday. However, it had been constantly trialed in other areas like Canada, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom. The service comes at a price of $4.99 per month and has reportedly helped users get 60% more likes than usual.

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The feature isn’t particularly unique: Bumble, the so-called feminist dating app, and one of Tinder’s primary competitors have let premium members pay to see who “likes” them since 2016.

Tinder Gold Features

In addition to the “Likes You” feature, Tinder Gold has a plethora of other newly installed and/or updated features as well. For instance, Tinder Gold comes with the Passport feature, where it lets you swipe right anyone from across the globe (can be multiple geographic locations).

Tinder Gold

Apart from these, you have access to the usual features that the app already has, like the Rewind feature that lets you undo any accidental swipe in the wrong direction. Then you have the unlimited Likes, the “5 Super Likes per day” which is meant to indicate extra interest in a particular profile. And most importantly, there is the “Boost” feature which makes your Tinder profile one of the top profiles in your geographical area for 30 minutes.

As for us poor people, we still have to wait until the feeling is mutual.


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