best sleep apps

5 Best Sleep Apps For Your Phone To Save The Night

Does sleeping time means thinking time for you? Oh yeah! that’s when all the old memories and future worries bother you, isn’t it? You may go to bed early feeling tired and sleepy but you end up awake, staring at the fan for hours before you see the sky turn…

Political Ad Placement

The Democrats Demand More Transparency in Political Ad Placement

The US Democrats pointed out that there is a vital necessity of bringing political ad placement on social media under observation. According to lawmakers, the new signs of Russian intrusion in the 2016 US elections demands serious legal norms that would require social media companies to disclose more about their…


Will Textalyzer Really Make a Huge Decline in Road Accidents?

According to World Health Organisation, 1.2 million people die and 50 million people get disabled for life due to road accidents. Statistics over the last decade, points out that road crashes are right now at the tenth position in the list of leading killers. It is estimated that by 2030,…