Spotify-Hulu Partnership: Available at $4.99 For U.S College Students

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Spotify and Hulu are offering a combined subscription for college students of U.S. Spotify has come to win the race with Apple, since it had 60 million paid subscribers by July. The Spotify-Hulu bundle subscription is available at a price of just $4.99 per month.

Alex Norstrom, who is the Chief Premium Officer of Spotify said-

We’re very excited to be partnering with Hulu – a like-minded company which is as focused as we are on delivering the very best in high-quality streaming content.

Also, Tim Connolly- head of distribution and partnerships of Hulu said-

We are proud to announce Spotify as our newest strategic partner – they’re an iconic brand in music streaming and a proven leader in reaching and engaging young consumers

What’re Spotify And Hulu?

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that lets you access songs, videos, and podcasts. This is available for both phones and PC. There are two versions of it- free and premium. When you use the free version of it, you have to bear with the ads, and you can’t download songs for offline viewing. Using premium version, both the problems are solved. Subscribing to Hulu, you can watch various channels, series, movies, and live videos. Besides, you can even watch news and sports. It is available for computers, laptops, and phones.

Subscribing to Spotify-Hulu Bundle

As mentioned already, the criteria to be able to subscribe to the bundle is that you have to be a student (18 years or above) of a U.S college that’s Title IV accredited. If you have already subscribed to Spotify Premium for students, all you have to do is switch subscription on Spotify. If you are a student and have subscribed for Hulu Commercial Plans already, your account will be switched to the bundle. But, for this to happen, you shouldn’t be having any premium network add-on. Another thing to note is, if you’re already subscribed to either Spotify or Hulu, you’ll be switched to the subscription of the bundle if you’re paying directly.

When you either leave your college or graduate, you’ll be able to enjoy the services till 12 months after you’ve last reactivated the subscription. Every time your subscription is about to expire, you have to resubscribe by re-verifying your enrollment number. in case you fail to do so, you’ll be charged for the regular premium subscription, that is, $ 9.99 per month. This means you will no longer be subscribed to Spotify-Hulu bundle.

This is the first time ever that a music streaming service has collaborated with a video streaming service and are providing the bundle. While U.S is the first place where the bundle is available, this has been said to be the “first step” which might mean it may be made available in other markets in the future.

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