How to Use Snapseed App on Any Devices (Free)

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Download Snapseed for PC: Pictures are the mirror of your past. We capture our memories through the pictures and images. In this social networking era, pictures hold even more values than ever. For all those social networking maniacs who are addicted to show off their daily life to the mass and also obsessed with clicking pictures, Snapseed is tailor made for you guys. You can use 13 different filters to edit your images and also can instantly upload the picture using the Snapseed app. So tell me friends, wouldn’t it be great if we can actually use on a bigger screen, what if we can access Snapseed for PC having Windows or Mac OS installed? Yes, friends. It is not a daydream at all.

You actually can use Snapseed on PC installed with Windows or Mac. All you have to is just follow the below given steps and you are all set to install Snapseed on PC .But before that, check out  the cool features that you will get when you will install Snapseed for Windows 10 or other versions or Mac PC. So enjoy the tutorial friends as we have sepcifically made this tutorial for our beloved readers.!!

Snapseed for PC

Snapseed App Features

  • Snapseed app allows you to adjust your photo by using the auto correct tool installed in it.
  • Compare with the other photo editing apps such as Picsart, instaframe, Picassa Snapseed is easy to use and comes with more editing options. Also as Snapseed is a Google product, the team of Google developers updated it in regular basis and keeps the app lag free.
  • Snapseed is such a photo editing app which comes with all the ingredients to get the unique looks for your images using the filters and special effects like vintage, grunge, tilt shift, drama center focus and more.
  • Another unique feature of Snapseed is using the Snapseed control points you can apply the desired effects only on the particular area of your choice.
  • Snapseed offers 13 set of adjustable filters which have even subsets to provide you the much needed customization freedom.
  • Using the Snapseed photo editing app you can enlarge or focus an object which is blurred in your original image, like for example scenery or a background wall.
  • All though the Automatic Fix option in the Snapseed app is bounded to contrast and color correction, but the professional Photoshop plugin “Sharpener Pro” option helps out to make the image looks awesome.
  • By the virtue of the Snapseed photo editing app, you can also adjust and tune the viewing angles of your images.
  • Image borders are also available to get the customization job done properly.
  • You can upload your images on various social network sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter directly from the app. E-mails feature too are just one click away from you while using the Snapseed application.

How Snapseed for PC works

Snapseed for PC comes with three screens user interface. The start screen provides a button which once clicked, opens the file manager to select the photo you want to edit. Once you’ve selected an image for customize, you’re moved to the next screen, i.e., second screen.

Snapseed for PC

The second screen offers various kinds of filters and especially the added effects. You need to choose your customization option and according to that selection, you’ll find the third screen.

Snapseed on PC

Finally, when you will complete your editing task, click on the Save button at the top and now you are ready to share this image you’ve just edited professionally via various social networking sites.

See the whole process is so simple to use the Snapseed application and that’s the main reason behind its immense popularity. The kind of filters and effects Snapseed offers are well-packed and capable of bringing DSLR level of editing into any picture.

Snapseed App Minimum System Requirements

You need a very basic level of system requirements to run Snapseed on Windows or Mac PC. If you own a Windows system (2013 or later) or a Mac one (2013 or later) with modern standards of hardware and software specifications, then you don’t have to worry about checking compatibility. Otherwise, check out the below points to make sure that your system is 100 % compatible to run Snapseed on your Windows or Mac PC.

  • You need to have Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or higher OS or the Mac OS X to get Snapseed for PC.
  • Your PC should have 2GB of RAM and enough free storage in C Drive for BlueStacks’s files and files of Snapseed app to be installed.
  • The graphic driver of your PC should come up to dated.

Download Snapseed for PC (Windows 8.1/8/7/XP)

The maker of the Snapseed photo editing app, Google has launched the app only for Android and iOS, so there is no way to download Snapseed on Windows PC officially. Also there is no official website to do so. So all you need to do to give your images a professional touch and DSLR-esque feel is to download an Android emulator. Though there plenty of Android emulators available in today’s market but we will recommend you to download and use BlueStacks as it is the most popular, safe and reliable Android emulator of current times. Also it does not hamper your computer or laptop too. So let’s check out the whole procedure to download Snapseed for PC.

Step 1: The very first thing you should do is to download BlueStacks Android emulator on your system. Download the BlueStacks installer file from BlueStacks’s official website only. Once you have downloaded the emulator completely, start installing BlueStacks on your system and make sure that internet connectivity is working all the time.

Snapseed for PC

Step 2 : As soon as you are done with the BlueStacks installing on your PC, click on the Search tool which is placed on the top left the corner and enter ‘Snapseed’ as the search item inside the search tool.

Snapseed for PC

Step 3: Now a pop-up will appear on your screen asking you to setup Sync and one more feature of the software. You need to follow the orders and complete the whole setup process. After that, login with a Google account only when asked and give it a couple of seconds to activate. This step is very important.Snapseed for PC

Step 4: Now, as the setup process has completed, you’ll be redirected back to the search results, where you need to tap on the first clickable link you see. It will guide you towards the Google play store.

Snapseed on PC

Step 5: Finally, the app will launch the Play store. Snapseed will come among the search results. Select Snapseed again and click on ‘Install’ option .Now, click on the ‘Accept’ button and voila..!!! You can now use Snapseed photo editing app from your Windows PC or laptop. The whole process will take few minutes. So don’t be impatient, wait until the Snapseed app for PC ready to use on your system.

Snapseed on PC

Anytime you plan to use the Snapseed app later, launch the BlueStacks app player and then launch Snapseed from its first screen. If the photo editing app isn’t visible at the first screen, then you can find it under “All Apps” section or use the search tool to find and launch the application.

So folks, see how simple it to download Snapseed on Windows PC is. Just follow the aforementioned steps and you can install Snapseed for PC running on Windows (XP/7/8/8.1) PC in a blink of an eye.

Snapseed for Mac Download Guide

As we have discussed earlier, the creator of the Snapseed app, Google, has officially launched this image customizing app for Android and iOS. So if you want to download Snapseed on Mac OS system, just visit this official weblink and you can get Snapseed for Mac OS absolutely free of cost. Just remember one thing that you have iTunes installed in your Mac system already. If you don’t have iTunes installed in your Mac PC,then download iTunes first and then install Snapseed on Mac PC.

Snapseed for Windows 10 OS

Now we know how to download the popular photo editing app Snapseed on your Windows or Mac computers. But if you are using the latest Windows 10 on your system and if you want to enjoy Snapseed for Windows 10 in your system, then just follow a simple procedure. In order to install Snapseed on WIndows 10 OS, just follow the Android Emulator process or the BlueStacks process mentioned above for the Windows XP/7/8 version and you are all set to use Snapseed for Windows 10 PC.

Snapseed for Android

Like we said before Snapseed is officially available for Android and iOS. So it’s fairly easy to use download and install. It’s worth noting that the PC Magazine had rated the app as one of the Top 100 Best Android App of 2015. Snapseed now comes with a couple of new features (like tool, feature and new user interface) that you should totally try out. Here’s how you can get the app to work on your Android handset.

Step 1: Open your handset and go to Google Play Store and search for Snapseed in the search bar.

Step 2: When the app appears on the screen, tap on install. The app will ask you for permissions, simply hit ‘accept’ and let it download and install.

Step 3: That being done, restart your handset and you should be able to see the app icon on the screen. Tap on it and begin using the editing app.

Snapseed for iOS

The freeware was first made available in the 2011 and the same year it was named iPad App of the Year by Apple. We already have told you a number of platforms where you can use the app. Now Snapseed is now officially available for iOS too where one doesn’t just take image, users have the option to share the shots instantly on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker etc. Here’s how you can you download and install the app on your Apple device.

Step 1: Unlock your handset and open iTunes. Type Snapseed in the search bar.

Step 2: When the app appears, hit install and allow whatever they ask you permission with.

Step 3: The app will began downloading and installing. After this, you’d need to restart your handset. And that’s all there is to be done. Now you can use Snapseed on your iOS device.

Best Snapseed Alternatives

One thing is clear that in today’s world everything is come with an alternative. Snapseed is no exception and you can find plenty of other photo editing applications which work almost or exactly same as the Snapseed. Fotor and Fhotoroom are two image editing applications which can work out pretty well as an alternative to Snapseed, but they have their limitations. Photo Grid is also a superb app just like Snapseed to use on your PC’s! Photo Grid has earned a lot of popularity during the recent times, and we will personally recommend it as the best Snapseed alternative.

You can also now use the new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom application that is available on both Android and iOS platforms, whcih works almost like the desktop Adobe Lightroom software with some limited editing options.

Wrap Up

Snapseed has gained an immense popularity for its unique features, cool filters and amazing customization options. If you love to take images and want to edit them like a professional, then Snapseed is a must try app for you. So if you haven’t use Snapseed yet, it’s high time for you to use the app. Hopefully this tutorial about Snapseed for PC will help you a lot and will guide you to install Snapseed on PC. If you face any trouble during the download process you can state your grievance in our comment section. We promise we will help you out as soon as possible.

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