Sleep Well- Fight Insomnia And Fall Asleep Using These Apps

There’s no debate about how important it is to get proper sleep. If you don’t sleep well for at least 7 hours out of 24 hours, you end up being exhausted the next day. In addition to that, you experience changes, like dark circles- which isn’t good news. At the same time, there are so many thoughts that come alive right when it is bedtime. Night time is when you end up analyzing how the day was and overthinking. Besides that, if you are stressed out or are going through hard times in life, insomnia is the first thing you experience. If you are insomniac, you already know exhausting it is to work all day and think all night. You’d be at least a bit relieved to know there are apps in the play store that help you fall asleep. Let’s see what those apps are.

Apps that Will Help You Sleep Well

1. Shhh…Sleep in seconds

sleep well

This app has three modes to help you sleep well in three situations. You can choose from night sleep, power nap, and flight sleep. You have to use your headphones in order to make use of this app. When you choose any one of the three options, sounds start playing.

The app developers claim to have done a lot of research to find out what kind of frequency of sounds help induce sleep better. All three modes require different kinds of the frequency of music to help you get proper and satisfying sleep so that you wake up feeling fresh. Also, the app description says that it induces sleep even better than alcohol can and they have tested it. Almost all of the reviews are positive. A lot of people even say they have tried other apps as well and this was the best one out of all apps that have been tried by the users.

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2. Pzizz

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To begin with, this app is a paid app that comes for Rs. 1700 per year. But you get to try and test it for 7 days to decide whether you would like to invest in the app. As soon as you install this app, you have to sign up either by using your Facebook account or sign up using email ID. This app has three modes as well- sleep, nap, focus. When you tap on any of the modes, you get to select how long you’d want to sleep.

After you enter the time duration and tap on the tick mar, a music starts playing with speech as well. The speech is about how to relax. This app also offers to change settings, like muting the speech and only listening to the music. But, in the focus mode, there is no speech. There is just music that helps you focus.

This app is a large one (544 MB). The app has been designed keeping in mind “psychoacoustics”. Music and voiceover have been carefully coupled to help people sleep well. This app has good reviews as well. This app is recommended for people who can spend some money to get good sleep.

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3. Sleep Well Hypnosis

sleep well

The name makes it clear that the app aims at delivering sleep through inducing a hypnotic state. when you open the app and tap on the play button, There’s a voice that starts speaking about insomnia and how hypnosis can help. Unfortunately, you don’t get to change the settings much since it is a paid app. When you pay Rs 260, you can change the background sounds and make use of a special function called “sleep booster”.

As the description of the app says, the speaking voice is that of a certified hypnotherapist. This app plays binaural beats in the sleep booster mode that induces brainwaves that help induce proper sleep. Despite a convincing description, the reviews aren’t that good for this app.

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4. Sleepo

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Using this app, you can choose from different kinds of sounds based on what sounds make you feel relaxed. You can set time and control the volume as well. There is a control where there is a mix of different kind of sounds. This app is more like helping you sleep by listening to the sounds that you are accustomed to listening to while going to sleep. For instance, a lot of people who only fall asleep when the fan is switched on can choose the sound of a fan. This is quite a simple app and has good reviews.

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5. Sleep as Android

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This app helps you monitor how many hours of sleep you get each night. Doing so, you can adjust your sleep schedule to sleep well. This app finds out the hours of sleep you complete each night using the accelerometer. For the phone to detect the amount of sleep you get using the accelerometer, you have to keep the phone somewhere close to you on your mattress. By using the Sonar sensor, you can keep the phone away on a table that’s within a meter’s distance from you. You can set bedtime notifications to remind of your sleeping time. The app also has sounds that help you fall asleep. To find out if you snore or talk while sleeping, you can also turn on the sleep noise recording mode. Also, if you want to make sure you don’t oversleep, turn on the captcha mode. In this mode, you will be assigned some task to complete. The alarm keeps ringing till you complete the task.

This app is sort of an all-in-one app that helps you fall asleep, monitor your sleep cycle, and also wake up on time. The app has good reviews and if not for inducing sleep, you can at least use the app to set the tricky alarm.

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While these can help you sleep, you really need to put some efforts into fighting insomnia as well. Don’t get used to the habit of staying up till late. Try to engage yourself in exhausting tasks throughout the day. Avoid taking naps in the noon if sleeping at night is a challenge. This will make sure you are tired enough by the end of the day to automatically fall asleep.

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