How to Recover Your WiFi Password from Your Android Phone?

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It’s not a rare thing that you go for a sleep over at your friend’s place and annoy them asking their WiFi passwords every time. Now, you may think that your android device has forgotten the WiFi password, but there is surely a way you can recover it. You can also know how to recover your wifi password at home if you’ve forgotten it with the help of your android phone.

There are many android apps that will help you know how to recover your wifi password. These apps are going to save you from a great deal of confusion and misery when you badly want to connect to the wifi, but can’t because your device ditched you. Also, almost all the wifi passwords are going to be complicated ones including letters, numbers, and symbols as they provide better security against unwanted lurkers and hackers. So, we can rule out the option of memorizing the wifi passwords.

Now, it’s important to know that your android device needs to be rooted before downloading any of these android apps that will help you know how to recover your wifi password. This is essential since android does not let you see  saved passwords in the device.

Top wifi password recovery applications

Here’s a list of top android apps that are going to help you deal with how to recover your wifi password if you’ve lost the track of it.

  • WiFi Key Recovery

This app requires the android device to be rooted. The device needs to be connected to the particular WiFi router in the past. This ensures that the app cannot be used to hack anyone’s WiFi network or steal someone’s password without their knowledge. You can simply copy paste the password which will be displayed on the screen.

  • WiFi Password Recovery by Droid Developer

This app too, requires your phone to be rooted. It’s easy to use and can be used to recover the passwords of all the WiFi networks your device was ever connected to.

  • WiFi Password Recovery by Jesus Apps

This app is a bit different since it will help you recover only those passwords that are default passwords. When you set up a WiFi connection, it will have a default password. It is highly unsafe to keep it the same without re-setting the password. However, if you thought you could take that risk, and you’ve forgotten the password, this app will help you get it back.

Steps for recovering your wifi password

I’ll be using the first app (WiFi Key Recovery) to show you how to recover your wifi password with the help of your android device. Follow the steps below to recover the password.

  1. Go to Google Play and download the app WiFi Key Recovery by Alexandros Schillings which is available free of cost.
  2. Install it on your rooted device and grant it access for “Superuser.”
  3. Now the app will show you a list of WiFi networks your device has ever been connected to and will also show their passwords in the field named “psk.”
  4. If the list is too long, you can search for your WiFi network using its SSID.
  5. Once you’ve got the password, simply tap on the screen to copy it.

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