Top recent Whatsapp Updates that has benefitted majority of consumers

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Almost 9 years ago, an app introduced a free messaging scheme and gained popularity; this app is called Whatsapp. Over the years, the developers worked on it with various Whatsapp Updates and have emerged as one of the best freeware messaging apps.

The WhatsApp app has the following features.

  1. Texting: From SMS to MMS, Whatsapp costs you nothing except for your data in order to send messages across to people. Many mobile service providers charge money for sending messages across borders, but Whatsapp doesn’t; this is one of the top reasons why many people prefer WhatsApp.  Additionally, the vast range of emoticons is behind people’s liking of this app as they feel that they are able to convey the messages in a simpler way.
  2. Groups: Sometimes forwarding important messages individually, like an invitation for a marriage or seeking for a blood donor immediately can be a tough task; with the latest Whatsapp update, you can create groups separately for friends, family, business partners, or colleagues to send the messages. Whatsapp allows you to add up to 256 people at a time in a group.
  3. Calls: If you are staying in a country and your best friend, family or business partner is staying in a different country then Whatsapp video calling is a good choice; with just consumption of data, this will let you connect with them.  The main reasons why people prefer WhatsApp, is for its good quality video and audio calls which have no international call charges.
  4. Sharing screen: If you are charging your mobile but want to keep your conversation going, you can follow these steps.
  5. Download Whatsapp on your laptop or computer
  6. Click the three dots on your Whatsapp chats screen; this will generally be on the right corner of the screen.
  7. Click the “Whatsapp web” option.
  8. Place the scanning screen of phone over another device’s screen with the code. Once the scanning is over, your phone will vibrate for a micro-second and the chat screen will open on the other device’s screen and you can continue chatting.
  9. Status: This is another popular Whatsapp Update; you can share pictures/ 30 second videos/ links on your status. The word-type status feature, which appears below your profile photo and username, has been restored recently after the users expressed their liking for it.
  10. Files: in addition to pictures, videos, and voice-files you can send various other type of files like PDFs, spread-sheets, slideshows etc. up to 100 MB size.

With different features added on different Whatsapp Updates, the developers have developed your security with end-to-end encryption code; this prevents the chances of third party apps reading your messages.


  • Starring: along with an efficient search engine enabled in each chat, one of the recent updates let you to star the important messages; you can find your list of starred messages by clicking the “Starred Messages” option from the drop-down menu. This helps you save a lot of time while searching important message from a
  • Backing up chats: if you are changing your phone or if you want to preserve the conversations in general, then you can use the feature of chat backup. You can find this option under settings option followed by chat back up. The latest Whatsapp Update lets you choose from a range of options like never, daily, weekly, monthly and “only when I tap back-up”; this lets your phone do the work automatically and saves your time. Additionally, you can back-up to your mail-id; this saves you pain and panic about lost data, because you can recover it whenever and wherever you want.
  • Marking messages as read or unread: if you are in a meeting or in a position not to reply to a message but you have already opened it, you can simply long press the chat and click the “Mark as unread” option. You can do the same for marking a chat as read.
  • Link previews: if you don’t want to click on spam links or the links of not your liking, then the recent Whatsapp Update has a solution for you; link previews, e., the link you receive will contain the image, headline and the website of the link. This update has gained good appreciation from the users.
  • Labels on forwarded messages: Recently, Whatsapp developers have developed a new feature where you’ll be able to find whether the message you received was forwarded or created by sender; a light-coloured italicised font, “forwarded” appears under the sender’s name and above the message. The developers recently said that they have added this feature to enable consumers like us to encourage to before sharing which will prevent many rumours and other undesirable messages.
  • Reporting spam: In one of the recent updates, Whatsapp has added a new feature where you can not only have the option to block the person but also to block and report; once you report the person, it will be notified to the Whatsapp company and they will take the required action.
  • Limiting the number of forward messages: in the most recent Whatsapp Update, the developers have curbed the number of times the same message can be forwarded to groups; the sender can send the same message to maximum of 5 times on any group or individual users. Once the limit exceeds, the quick forward icon will disappear and disable the sender to send the same message further.
  • Group calling: If you want to plan a trip or speak with your friends or family members at the same time then this feature will benefit you. Recently, in a latest update, Whatsapp has added a new feature which lets you speak with 4 people simultaneously via video call or voice call; all you have to do is start a video call and add other participants one after another by clicking “add participant” option.

NOTE: you can get all the above features once you update WhatsApp’s new version.

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