Coming Soon: Quality Boost For Google’s Street View Cameras

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The new Google’s Street View camera will have a better image quality so as to capture more detailed pictures. The hardware is seeing a change for the first time in about 8 years. These upgraded cameras will yield brighter and more colorful pictures.

Google’s Street View Features

The updated hardware will be able to produce better quality and a 360 degree panorama pictures. Earlier, the pictures would have significantly visible seam and the picture would be a series of pictures stitched together. With the new and redesigned cameras, you can have an access to minute details, like when shops open and close, what’re the businesses, pictures of signs, etc. It has been estimated that about 80 billion pictures have been captured since the launch of Google’s Street View.

The government cars as well as the cars for tourists are said to be having the cameras in the future. This will help the local areas have updated information on Google. Google had enhanced the quality of its cameras for street view automobiles. After the quality improvement, the expectations increased and people would come up with questions demanding a greater level of details. In order to have answers to the littlest queries of people, this update seems mandatory.

As every feature of technology is witnessing a rapid change, this change is of great importance too. Today, people seek a detailed insight into things. Moreover, this change would give people great ease of traveling around. It also increases safety while traveling. The firm aims at improving the street view technology such that the algorithms are able to pick tiny details, like the shop names so that it could be added to the database of Google. Big and bulky cameras fixed at the top of Street View cars might soon become a history. Along with superb cameras, the assistant would be able to answer questions about locations using the information collected using Google’s Street View.

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