Top 5 Personal Security Apps for Your Safety

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Ever felt being followed or stalked when you take that evening walk? Every girl would have had a bad experience at least once in their life time which is related to sexual abuse including stalking, eve teasing, threats, molest, and rape. The best thing to do, for being prepared to face such situations is to have personal security apps installed on your smart phone.

A modern day woman shouldn’t feel scared of working late night or being an independent explorer. Unfortunately, we aren’t living in a perfect world where everyone respect each other. A lot of these incidents can be foreseen and avoided, or escaped from if you’re prepared. Personal security apps will help you escape dangerous encounters with people and maximize your protection. Also read Top 10 Best Spy apps for android smartphones.

Many of the articles online regarding Personal security apps miss out important ones and still keep outdated ones. So, we’ve got you a whole new updated list of 5 personal security apps from which you can chose the best one and download it from Google Playstore

1. My Safety Pin

         Rating on Google Play: 4.6                               Number of downloads: 10,000+       

Personal Security Apps

  • Creates safety scores for areas and alerts you when you’re in an unsafe area.
  • When you get an alert you can chose to send invites to your emergency contacts to track you.
  • Decides the safest route to your destination and hands over the rest to Google Maps.
  • Uses GPS to send your location to your emergency contacts when you’re in danger.
  • You can check the safety scores of an area before you visit the place and also contribute to it once you’re at a place.
  • My Safety Pin decides the safety score of a place by taking into consideration of 9 parameters including-
  • Lighting– Darker and shady areas are more dangerous than a well lit area where everyone can see you.
  • Visibility– If the place is around some corner where not many people can see you, you are probably at a risky place.
  • Crowd– How many people are there around you? The more, the better.
  • Diversity– Are you in a place where there are a lot of women and children? better diversity is a good sign.
  • Public Transport– If there are transport facilities in the area so that you don’t get stuck there.
  • Walk Path– If you have a proper path to walk along without having to take risky corners.
  • Security– If there are enough policemen and security guards around the area.
  • Openness– If you can see around you and you’re not confined in a shady corner.
  • How you feel about the place– Uses feed backs of female visitors and their experiences.

2. bSafe- Personal Security Apps

Rating on Google Play: 4.1                               Number of downloads: 500,000+  

  • Sets up your own personal social network of friends, family, and colleagues whom you can contact during emergencies.
  • Share your location using GPS and ask a friend to walk you home while being tracked by him till you reach your destination.
  • Can send videos to your emergency contacts in case you’re in danger by using the Guardian Alert button which will also set off siren.
  • Can use time mode which will trigger alarm if you haven’t your destination within the estimated time.
  • You can get fake calls from whoever you want which can be useful when you want to escape an unpleasant encounter or conversation with a stranger.

3. Shake 2 Safety- Personal Security Apps

Rating on Google Play: 4.3                               Number of downloads: 50,000+

  • Shake the phone four times within five seconds to send emergency alerts to saved contacts through SMS or call.
  • Can be easily triggered even when the phone is locked, saving you time in dangerous situations.
  • No need of internet, it works on GPS.
  • Even kids can use this app since all they have to do is shake the phone when in danger.


4. Circle of 6- Personal Security Apps

Rating on Google Play: 4.4                              Number of downloads: 10,000+  

  • White House and Health & Human Services “Apps Against Abuse” Technology Challenge winner.
  • Create a circle of 6 entrusted people to whom alert messages and your location will be sent with the help of GPS in case of emergencies.
  • The app connects you to 24 hotlines that will help you reach your destination safe and give you helpful information in case of emergency.
  • The app can be customized according to the place you live.


5. SOS Emergency App

Rating on Google Play: 4.7                             Number of downloads: 10,000+   

  • Gives you an idea about the location you are in which you can view and share with your emergency contacts.
  • Gives you emergency numbers according to the country you are in. It contains a copy of emergency numbers of all countries which can be searched by name.
  • Comes with default police siren which will help grab others attention when you’re in danger.
  • You can send alert messages and your location with the help of GPS to your emergency contacts.
  • You can send alert messages, photos and your location quickly through e-mail as well.
  • You can turn on the whistle noise that will help you get people’s attention when you think you’re going to be in trouble.


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