The Callection- OnePlus 5 JCC+ Limited Edition To be Launched

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The new OnePlus 5 has already been very much talked about. Quite recently, we saw two of its variants- slate gray and soft gold hit the market and win people’s attention. To add to the phone’s popularity, OnePlus 5 JCC+ that is dubbed as “The Callection”, by the famous fashion designer is said to be launched on September 22, 2017, at 10:00 am in Colette fashion boutique, Paris. The Chinese phone maker teamed up with JCC (Jean-Charles de Castelbajac) and created a brand new design for OnePlus 5. The invite says,

When the Style meets its Machine, one night in September in Paris.

Soon after its launch, OnePlus 5 JCC+ will go on sale in Paris on September 22nd itself. From October 2nd, rest of the Europe will be able to order OnePlus 5 JCC+ as well. Unfortunately, this limited edition phone will witness sales only in Europe for now. While the specs will be the same as OnePlus 5 phone, it will cost $670 USD and can be ordered on the website The design of the phone is apparently said to be different from the regular OnePlus 5 since it will have colorful buttons. The power button is going to be blue, red-colored volume rocker, and sound profile button that is yellow. Also, the back of the phone has writings.

OnePlus 5 JCC+

While the phone will only be available in Europe, there are a number of other products designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac that people from a lot of places can buy. These products include tote bags, holsters, caps, t-shirts- all limited edition. These will be out for sale for people from Europe, China, North America, and India. While the t-shirts and tote bags can be purchased from October 2nd, the other products will be out for sale later this year. The reason why this new limited edition called OnePlus 5 JCC+ is special, is because of the designer. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is a famous fashion designer who has designed for celebrities, like Helen Christensen and Madonna. While nothing can be said before the launch takes place, there are chances the phone might have a number of exciting add-ons.



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