How to Login Tinder without Facebook Easily

Tinder is a very popular dating and social discovery application which allows communication between mutually interested people by enabling matched users to chat with each other. However, the sad part is that we can’t use Tinder without Facebook with ease. However, this article will help you to login Tinder without Facebook using simple steps within few minutes for free of cost. Tinder was launched in 2012 and since then the app gained a huge popularity among the smartphone users. By 2014 this dating apps registered 1 billion “swipes” per day. But the only set back this amazing app has the integration with another massively famous social networking site i.e. Facebook. If you want to sign up into Tinder, you have to do it by Facebook only.

Now why is it a pitfall of this enormously popular dating app?? Simply because, Tinder shows all your personal information, posts, images you shared on Facebook to everybody who is using Tinder in your nearby area. So it is natural you will feel irritated if any unwanted get access of all your private posts and images. So now the big question is whether it is possible to log in Tinder without Facebook? Well folks, this tutorial is all about the searching of the answer of that question. Now let’s make Tinder login easy and cool.

Tinder without Facebook

                                                                                                 Tinder without Facebook

Why to Use Tinder Without Facebook? – A Must Do Thing

Well, there is no official way to use Tinder without using the giant social media, Facebook. You have to give access of your Facebook profile if you want to enjoy Tinder on your smartphone. However, there are a couple of ways by which you can minimize the privacy invasion and hide your real Facebook identity. But before dig into the methods just look into what the dating app can access on your Facebook account.

  • Facebook profile
  • Friend list
  • Age and general info
  • Email address used to sign up for Facebook
  • Relationship interests
  • Birthday
  • Education history (college, high school, etc.)
  • Status updates
  • Interests and hobbies (bands, sports teams, etc.)
  • Current city
  • Photos
  • Pages liked

So you are really socially vulnerable, right?? Unfortunately, as we said above there is no official way to sign up into Tinder without Facebook, but at least you can increase your privacy and hide yourself a bit if you try the below methods. So read through the methods folks, hopefully it will help you a lot to make Tinder Login easy.

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How to use Tinder Without Facebook : Three Easy Methods

Method 1: Level up the Facebook Privacy

You can always take the advantages of Facebook privacy measures in our way. You can maximize the privacy setting by limiting all your photos to only your friends so that the unwanted people can’t sneak in your personal moments. Also, you can check how much of your Facebook account can Tinder access by following the below given simple steps. Though it is not possible to use Tinder without Facebook but you can control what the people will know about you on this dating app.

Step 1: Visit Facebook from your desktop/laptop or mobile phone

Step 2: Click on the icon which looks like a lock and comes with three vertical lines placed at the top right corner of your screen

Step 3: After that click on the “See More Settings” at the bottom.

Step 4: Now scroll to “Apps” section and then tap to see all of the apps you use on Facebook.

Step 5: Now you will notice Tinder on that app list. Click on it and change the “App Visibility” to Only Me. In this way, Tinder won’t be able to post anything to your Facebook account and also won’t notify people that you use the dating app. Thus you will be using Tinder without Facebook for sure.

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Tinder without Facebook

Method 2: Create a New Facebook Account Exclusively for Tinder

If you don’t want to change your Facebook privacy settings and limit Tinder’s ability then the other option you have is to create a new Facebook account solely for doing Tinder. No, we are not telling you to create a fake account with a fake name, fake personal information, fake photos but we are suggesting you to open a Facebook account with real but limited and simplified information which you’d like to portray on the Tinder dating application. Remember if you create a fake profile it will make a negative impact when you will meet the person in real life. Because nobody really loves to date a liar. In this case you won’t be using Tinder without Facebook though, but your personal information will remain safe and secure.

So, check out the below steps to create a new Facebook account solely for Tinder

Step 1: Visit to the Facebook sign up page and sign up for a brand new Facebook account. Remember you can’t use the same maid id you use for your other account. So if you don’t have another mail id then create a new one first.

Step 2: Now fill up your personal information like name, age, sex, address, about me etc. Fill up only those you wish to share on Tinder.

Step 3: After that go to the Tinder app and click on the settings gear at the top left corner of your screen.

Step 4: Now click on the App Settings then tap Logout and confirm logout from the dating app.

Step 5: In this way you have successfully logged out of Tinder which was synced with your old Facebook profile.

Step 6:  Now sign into your new Facebook account you have just created and then visit to Tinder and click on the Login with Facebook button.

Step 7: Finally Tinder will sync with your new Facebook account and now you have the privilege of how much information you put on it.

Tinder without Facebook

Method 3: Wait or Make Tinder to Change Facebook Integration

Folks as it not possible to access Tinder without Facebook and the above two solutions we provide do not satisfy you then you can always push Tinder to change their current policy regarding Facebook integration. So just visit the dating app and click on the settings and finally “Contact Tinder”, there you can put your invaluable suggestions about using Tinder without Facebook. If this popular dating app get a high percentage of their user base demanding for the disintegration, then we are sure that they would make the change to satisfy their users.

Also, there is an another option, though it not very useful, but you can wait for the popular dating app to change their policy on this matter and eventually let you sign up for Tinder without linking it to your Facebook account. However, the company has made no such indication to do this in near future.

Why Using Tinder Without Facebook Makes it More Than Just a Dating Application

Tinder recently rolled out some interesting updates to the users. Among them, wide variety of GIFs, Bigger Emojis & the option to add profile picture directly from phone are the best. One can simply use the GIFs or Bigger Emijis to do the talking or impress the Tinder match. As we already mentioned the benefits of using Tinder without Facebook, adding profile picture separately from Facebook also takes the dating application one step ahead. Moreover, if you are finding it difficult to start the conversation with your match with words, just try your Emoji or GIF skills to impress the match by putting a smile on his/her face.

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How to Use the Newly Introduced Features of Tinder

The way Tinder is introducing the updates, it would really help to evolve the dating life of users, here in this section we will just simply show you where you can find the new features of Tinder 4.8.0 and how to use them effectively.

  • If you ever wanted to upload a different image as your Tinder profile picture, fortunately you can do that now, just go to your Tinder profile picture option and you’ll find the option to upload a image directly from camera roll or even the option of take a new one and instantly set it as Tinder DP.
  • Tinder introduced wide variety of GIFs, the option of using it is just next to the text input box.
  • the new update also makes it possible to like the messages, as if you have a updated version, you can already notice a heart just next to the messages, by taping on that you can let other people know that you like the messages.
  • The 3D touch feature and sharing interesting links with Tinder match have also been introduced, which will definitely spice up the dating application.

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Wrap Up

So Droidadda lovers, hopefully this tutorial has helped you a lot to get a good grasp on how to use Tinder without Facebook. Unfortunately, there is no method available to completely delink these two popular social networking sites. Let us know if these methods of using Tinder without Facebook have guided you properly. If you have any suggestion for us, you can also write it on our comments section. It would be our privilege to hear about your thoughts and opinions. Thank you.

How to Login Tinder without Facebook Easily
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