Kik Login Online : KIK Sign In (100% Working Method)

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KIK Login Online: Among all the online instant messaging applications of the present time, Kik Messenger is ranked as one of the best and most popular by the smartphone users. Kik messenger was the brainchild of two Canadians from the University of Waterloo, and the app was launched for the first time in 2010. Many users across the world try to perform KIK Login online in order to access this popular messaging up via their PCs. In this article, we will provide light on the method following which you will be able to complete KIK Online process for free of cost right here in this space.

Text messaging apps are really on a roll in past few years, and apps like WhatsApp, KIK, Hike, WeChat, etc have become part and parcel of our daily lives for sure. However, it’s not fair that we could only use such awesome apps only in our Smartphone, and thus using apps on PC running on Windows and Mac OS is a much needed thing. It gives us an extra bit of freedom if you can login KIK online using our system for free of cost. So if you are looking forward to KIK Login from your laptop or Notebook then feel free to read on!!

How to Log In to Kik Online Messenger

Today this online messenger app boasts of more than 200 million user base and also offers some unique features to its customers. One of the biggest advantages of the app is that you can use Kik Messenger Online from Windows or Mac PC. So if you get bored of using Kik login from your tiny mobile screen, you can switch to your desktop and can enjoy the application to the fullest. Another stellar feature of this instant online messaging app is that it does not require your phone number to get into the app. You can easily set up an exclusive username for yourself and can login in Kik.

Now the only problem with Kik Login from your PC is that it is not exactly the same as you do it from your smartphone. Kik Online from your desktop or laptop requires a little bit of trickery and a few technological knowledge. But you don’t worry my friend, in this tutorial, we have guided you with all the necessary information regarding how to login to Kik from your PC. So, just go through the article and gather all the know-how’s of Kik online.

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As we have discussed above, Kik is a superb platform when it comes to the online instant messaging application. Kik comes with a very simple & user-friendly interface which allows you to send text messages, photos, audios, videos, sketches to your friends without spending a single dime. Also, the application lets you group chat with 10 people at a time and offers plenty of cool stickers and emoticons to express your current mood. So if you want to avail all those brilliant services offered by Kik from your desktop, you have to download Kik on your desktop first and then need to know how to sign up for Kik Online from there. As we have promised, we have elaborated the whole process of Kik login from your PC, below. The best part of this sign up for Kik Online from your desktop is that method does not require any pesky download neither it charges you any money. The Kik login from your PC is very easy, simple and only requires an Android Emulator named as Manymo to get the whole things done.

Benefits of Using Kik Login Online

For those of you who are wondering how Kik login Online could be of any extra help, let us tell you why Kik is a fantastic messaging app in the first place. Kik has been around for a long time, while other messaging apps like Whatsapp are actually relatively new. For this reason, the fact is that the developers of Kik have more experience handling such services. So while we can clearly see that all messaging services are becoming more and more complicated, Kik still keeps things simple.

The best part is that Kik works across a number of platforms, so you can make full use of the app on any device. Besides that, the Kik app allows you to do something really unique, which is another reason why you should try out Kik Online Login. The Kik app allows you to create something called a “public group,” which lets you create a group with your topic of interest. This will show up to other people with the same interest and let you build a community.

KIK Login/Sign In: The Emulator Way!!!

Now we are sure that you are thinking what is an Android Emulator? Well, an Android emulator mimics Android on your PC so that you can play any Android app on your desktop without actually having Android on the device. There are many Android emulators like BlueStacks, Andyroid present in the market these days, but for particularly this tutorial we will suggest you to use Manymo as the emulator. The main reason behind this suggestion is for other Android emulators you need to download the emulator first on your desktop, but with Manymo you can directly access any app that is made for Android directly from the company’s online service.  Also, Manymo comes with free of cost; you don’t have to pay to access the service of this Android emulator.

All you need to do is visit the official website of Manymo, sign up there and upload the Kik Messenger app into that virtual Android emulator. Another thing you should keep in mind before Kik log in from your desktop is that you must have a working Google Play account to successfully execute the method. The main reason behind it is you have to download the APK file of Kik online messenger from the Google Play Store so that you can upload it to your Manymo Android emulator. Ok folks, now let jump into the in-depth steps of Kik online login.

How to do Kik Login Online: 6 Easy Steps

There are 6 easy steps for Kik login from your desktop. We have discussed every little tricks and trivia of signing up on Kik from your PC. So check out the procedures right here right now:

Step 1: First of all, search Kik Messenger on Google Play Store and download the APK file on your PC. You will need this APK file later once you get your Android emulator up and running.APK file is worked as an alternative when we wish to play Android apps on any other non-Android devices.

Also, we suggest saving the file for later use because if you have a free account on Manymo, then the Android emulator won’t be saved and you will have to re-upload the APK file every time you want to go Kik online from your desktop.

KIK Login
KIK Login: Manymo

Step 2: Now, visit the official Manymo website and sign up for their free account. Make sure to note down your login email address and password for later use.

Step 3: As soon as you complete the sign-up process on Manymo you will be ready to upload the Kik Online Messenger app into your Android emulator. Make sure that you choose the resolution the screen resolution that fits in perfectly with your device size be it Laptop or Desktop.

Step 4: After that go to the “Launch Emulator” page of the Android emulator, in this case, Manymo and click the “Launch with: App” button

Step 5: Then upload the Kik Messenger APK file you have downloaded before and as soon as you upload the file, you will feel that as if you are using Kik Online from an Android tablet or smartphone.

Step 6: Now, enter your Kik username and password to login into your Kik account and thus you will be able to sync all of your contact list and previous conversations from your Windows, iPhone or Android smartphone onto your PC.

So, amigos, these are the 6 easy steps to sign up to Kik Online messenger. Just follow the steps we have mentioned above and you are all set for Kik login from your desktop or laptop.

How Kik Messenger is Rolling The Things Out Interestingly

Hope you have got all the important information regarding how to do Kik Login, here we are going to present you the latest features and updates of Kik Messenger. Interestingly Kik has introduced branded GIF feature recently, to make the conversations more lively & fun. According to CEO Ted Livingston, Kik messenger presently has 275 million registered users, and most of them are teenagers or young adults. So branded GIF will definitely fit according to their conversations. The messenger has already rolled out two branded GIFs for the users, one of it is related to World Wide Fund for Nature, and the other one is related to Ben Stiller’s upcoming comedy film “Zoolander No. 2”.

Paramount Picture is known for GIFs promotions using the popular messengers which have GIF facilities. However, the production house already ran some branded profiles for its films earlier, as Brad Grey believe that GIF is the most effective way to promote anything in this modern world of advanced technology. Because nothing can be so lively like GIFs, it suits perfectly in any conversation, and it brings more fun when people are in a group chat.

Why are Teens So Into Kik Messenger?

According to the founder & CEO Ted Livingston, Kik Messenger is specially designed for the teens, and their goal is to take the way of communication among youths over the free messaging application to next level. Playing games, creating memes, listen to your favorite music; you name it! Almost everything is possible through it, once you logged into Kik Messenger. Teenage users don’t really have any reason to leave it, once they signed into it. The process of Kik Login is easy as it is shown above, once you enter it, sending selfies, emojis, texts to your friends within a blink of an eye are just the basic features of it. Other than that, users can watch videos, even read funny content on Reddit while staying logged into Kik using the inbuilt browser of it. So, there’s a lot of things users can do after following the steps of “Kik Login Online”. See what you can do after registering an account on Kik Messenger.

  • Create Memes and share it with friends imminently.
  • Read the popular content on Reddit
  • Watch videos while having a conversation
  • Play trending mobile games
  • Listen to music

If you are looking forward to making new friends on Kik, that thing is also possible as the messenger also encourage flirting or finding your perfect match just like Tinder. So, if you are looking for a new dating app, which also lets you do other things while flirting, Kik may just be the perfect one for you.

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How to chat with KIK Bot “Harry Styles.”

If you wanna chat with the KIK Chat bot “Harry Styles” aka harrystylesbf then you must visit the official KIK website first and then download the application. After that, you can log in with your existent KIK account or create a brand new one to start using this app. After that you must click on the “Chat” icon which you will be able to find at the top right section of the screen. There you need to put the username “harrystylesbf” to start chatting with the Kik Bot.

Update as on 21st March, 2016

Kik introduced “Locker” in February 2016 to help its users to share and store smileys and other Kik contents with their contacts with super ease. Users can store the smileys in Locker to send them as gifts for free of cost. The Kik developer team is also very much serious about the safety of the users. The official blog published a detailed article to provide special safety tips to its users. So now it’s really safer to login KIK Online for sure.

Update as on April 30, 2016

Messaging using Internet connection through the app is indeed one of the hot trends in these days. People are loving it to communicate through instant messaging applications and KIK is definitely the rising star of it. Fortunately, KIK Messenger CEO Ted Livingston is all set to give a speech regarding the instant messaging application trend and why is it so important at an event of TechCrunch. KIK has registered over 275 million users till now, and 75% users are aged between 13-24. So, this popular chat messaging app has really built a strong young user base and it’s growing day by day.

Empire Smileys introduced: 20 limited edition Empire smileys have been introduced to the Kik. Take the awesomeness out of these superb smileys. Find your all favorite characters like Cookie, Lucious, Andre, Jamal, and Takeem here.

Update as on May 20, 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bots on Kik: Now you can chat with these awesome mutant ninja turtles. Four characters have been introduced and to have special experience start a group chat with these bots.

Update as on July 7, 2016

Invite friends to bots- Now you can invite your friends to a bot, by updating your app, you can easily avail the option. If you have enjoyed chatting with a specific bot, then share it with your friends by simply inviting your friends to talk with the bot.

Update as on August 3, 2016

More than 100 bots in Kik’s luggage: Kik has created history in the area of instant messaging apps by gathering 111 featured bots from different brands like CNN, Target, etc. More than 20000 bots have been created since they have opened their Bot Shop in April 2016. Kik opens itself for customised bot integration. Now login your Kik account and find these awesome bots a tap away.

That shows us how the messenger is becoming a threat to the leading instant messaging app like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. The new locker feature has made KIK Login safer and simpler to the young generation. However, this article is all about How to Login to KIK Online and why people in the west are going gaga about it. If you still have any question that you want to ask, feel free to ask it in the comment box.

Update as on March 31, 2017

Kik Storyz: Here comes the most exciting update of 2017, which is storyz. This update allows the users of Kik to share short snippets of videos that will stay up to 24 hours. All the storyz will be shared and distributed through the storyz bots that users will be able to subscribe to.

Update as on April 13, 2017

New sticker packs are here: New sticker packs added to the Kik messenger to make it more interesting for the users. The new sticker packs included are:

  • Pizza Party
  • Love Bears
  • Guacamole
  • Pepper

This update also provides users full control on their sticker experience by allowing them to add or remove stickers by just tapping the gear present in the top left corner of the messenger.

update as on July 21, 2017

Full-screen video chats and video stickers: After the December 2016 update that added the highly anticipated video chat feature to Kik, this latest update has taken the video chat feature a notch higher. This new update brings in the full-screen video chat, which lets the users see the faces of their friends in full-screen HD without having to go through much effort.

That’s not all; the feature also comes with new stickers for video chat that allows users to customize their video call experience. If you don’t know how to use the video chat then here’s a full guide to get the full-screen video chat and access the stickers:

  • In the first step, you need to toggle the video chat button while you are chatting with someone.
  • You then need to swipe to your left to change to the full-screen video mode.
  • Once you do it, tap the mask icon which will be present on the bottom of the screen and there you go, you get access to use any sticker you want while you’re chatting.

Wrap Up

Droidadda lovers, hope this article have guided you a lot for Kik Login and to access this amazing instant online messaging app from a big screen. KIK messenger is indeed one of the life-saving apps for many tech savvy people like you and me. If you have any queries or if you are facing any trouble to understand the steps of how to sign up for Kik Online messenger; then you can contact us without any hesitation.

We hope your search for “KIK Login” will end right here right now, and now you can easily access Kik Online from your Windows PC or Laptop freely whenever you wanna use. Just ask your question in our comments section and we will find you the solution as soon as possible. Thank you.

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