Best Filters: Instagram vs Snapchat

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Instagram vs Snapchat is something that’s not new because both of these photo sharing apps have followed similar tracks since their very beginning. Even though Snapchat was launched in 2011, almost a year after the launch of Instagram, it shot up to immense popularity since it was the first of its kind at that particular time. While Instagram started as a photo and video sharing app, Snapchat is a “photo messaging” app in which the posts get deleted after a particular time period.

The whole scenario changed when Instagram came out with “stories” in 2016 that would capture everyday activities of the user, just like the stories which were introduced by Snapchat in 2013. When Instagram added filters to their stories, we all knew Snapchat has gotten a tough competitor. It is because of this competition, we are able to enjoy a lot of new and creative filters for free.

It’s hard to decide which one is better in the Instagram vs Snapchat war when both of these apps resemble a great deal. Also, you would really not want to waste the storage space of your device by using both. If you’re the kind of person who looks at funky filters and other editing features in a photo-sharing app quite seriously, then it’s essential that you do a comparison between the filters offered by both the apps. Let’s get into the dissection of these features one by one:

Snapchat lenses

Snapchat lenses are the animated live filters that will come up on your screen when you click a selfie, and can make you look like an entirely different person; a funny person, an angry person, or a disgusting rainbow puking person- it’s all up to you. Let’s see where Snapchat lenses stand in the Instagram vs Snapchat battle:

  1. Active and Inactive filters

Snapchat lenses are updated from time to time and as new lenses are added, the old ones are removed. However, you can always uninstall updates and get the old ones back if you like them! Currently, there are 20 filter options for a Snapchat story among which there are a few that stand out which I’ll be discussing below.

instagram vs snapchat

  1. Geo lenses

Geo lenses are those lenses which you can access according to your location. For example, if you’re at a concert, you can use the geofilter of that concert on your Snapchat stories to let your friends know that you’re having a great time. You can do this, provided that the organizer of the event has a geofilter and your location services are turned on.

instagram vs snapchatSource: Snapchat

You can get your own geo lens designed on software like Adobe Photoshop and can use it for personal purposes like graduation, birthday parties, and weddings. You can also get geo lenses for your business to promote your store, brand, or an event. The terms and conditions of on-demand geo filters for personal and business purposes are different and the filters will last only for 30days.

  1. New World lenses

New world lenses are new and they let you walk around with augmented reality elements like 3D clouds, rainbows, and flowers. Augmented reality has already become really popular among us through the game Pokemon Go. One among the most popular Snapchat new world lens is the break dancing hot dog with headphones around his head.

More than a selfie lens, new world lenses would be better used on wide angle videos that you record on your primary camera, unlike most of the other lenses of Snapchat.

  1. Sound effects

A few of Snapchat lenses like the one with the raccoon on your head, the one with the puppy that puts its tongue out, and the one with the baby dragon that spits fire come with sound effects. Also, there are lenses with background music playing as you record a video.

  1. Voice changer

Another cool thing about Snapchat lenses is that they have specific lenses that can alter your image as well as your voice, making you create videos of yourself as a funny cartoon character. Well, that sounds fun doesn’t it?

  1. Face swap and solo face swap

Face swapping means switching between your face with a friend of yours. If you’re a girl, imagine you having a moustache and your guy friend with make- up on. That would be something to laugh your guts out.

instagram vs snapchat

If you don’t have any one around to swap your faces with or you want to swap your face with Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, you can just download a picture of him and then swap your face with that. This feature is called solo face swap.

Instagram Face filters

Instagram posts and stories are combined features of Snapchat and Facebook making it the best of both worlds. When Instagram added filters it wasn’t the first time it copied something directly from its greatest competitor, Snapchat. Instagram vs Snapchat is definitely getting new filters for us- filter loving users, to enjoy. Here are some facts about Instagram filters you need to know about

instagram vs snapchat

  • Instagram filters are compatible with stories, videos, boomerangs, and the latest rewind mode.
  • Instagram designers use MSQRD’s imaging technology which was bought by Facebook in 2016.
  • Currently, there are 16 filters on Instagram among which the puppy filter, bunny filter, sleep mask filter, and flower crown filter are almost the replicas of those on Snapchat.
  • Instagram is said to have lower perfection when it comes to detecting the movements of your face and positioning filters, according to some sources.
  • Nerdy glass filter, gold crown, ice crown, man with a moustache and a smoking pipe are a few of Instagram’s filters that are different from that of Snapchat’s.
  • Instagram filters don’t have any sound effects or 3D effects.

Wrapping it up

To conclude, we can say that Instagram is trying hard, but Snapchat is way ahead of it when the quality and diversity of the filters are considered. Even though Instagram has a huge user base, it still needs to catch up with Snapchat when it comes to creative filters. Sometimes, you can even see your friend clicking a picture on Snapchat and then uploading it on Instagram because those filters are not yet available on Instagram. This says it all about whose filters stands ahead in the Instagram vs Snapchat competition.

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