Instagram for PC: Download it on Windows on Mac OS

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Download Instagram for PC: It’s been quite long we have talked about an image based social app, and that’s why today we have decided to talk about Instagram and how we can get this app on our Windows PC. Photographs are the only thing that remain constant over time. People chnange, times changes, places change and thus, we change. But pictures, once taken, remain static to the end of time. Thus, it is not surprise that in today’s fast paced and changing world, people spend more time in clicking pictures than enjoying the view. Considering this craze we have made this tutorial to help you to get Instagram for PC effectively installed.

Instagram for PC
Download Instagram for PC

Although Facebook allows users to take and post pictures of anything and everything a user would like, an application dedicated only to pictures took the world by surprise and wonder. Well, Instagram is another application that allows users to post specifically and only pictures on their profile. From taking pictures of food to taking selfies, landscaped to unusual scenes, Instagram has it all.

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Instagram also provides various options in terms of effects and edits. Instagram has gained humongous popularity because of its filter options, add location option and also the option to put a caption on the photograph you decide to upload on Instagram. Nevertheless, Instagram is fondly called as Insta too, by its users. Now let’s dig in to the core part of Instagram for PC in this artcle.

What is Instagram? History and Few Insights

Instagram was previously restricted to pictures only. However, video recordings of 15 seconds can also be uploaded on the app. It allows you to follow people of your choice based on your interests. You can tag people or friends in pictures you upload yourself and even in other pictures too. Nowdays people are so much obsessed with this app that they are pushing for Instagram for PC from its developers asap. There are also privacy settings that allow you to keep your profile private and can be viewed only by your followers. The hashtags used on pictures make it easier to locate other pictures with the same hashtag.

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Instagram App Features: Craziest App Ever

Recently, Instagram also came up with the ‘Direct Message’ facility which allows users to send a picture message to only one person on Instagram. A chat can also occur in the form of comments following the picture. Thus, Instagram is the most popular application for photo lovers and photographers around the world. Sadly, this app is only available for Android and iOS users. However, we have a way to enable you to use this amazing application called Instagram for PC or laptop. Instagram comes with several lovely features that encourages people to post pictures regularly. It is also a good pass time to scroll through your timeline of lovely pictures which make your day better instantly. Following are some of the features offered by Instagram.

– This application creates an ability to upload unlimited photos.
– Instagram provides multiple options to edit pictures using lovely filters, adjusting brightness, exposure and other effects.
– This application gives a facility wherein the user can sync accounts with Facebook and Twitter to share the post on all sites at one time.
– Instagram is one of the most secure social media application available today. Pictures and videos are very well protected and private, if settings are enabled.
– Instagram has a very distinct feature of hashtags which many people put as the photo caption. Hashtag creates trends and helps in finding related picture
– Instagram has a slightly different feature of liking. In order to like a picture one must double tap on the picture/video to like it.
– Instagram provides users the perk of following and unfollowing. One can easily follow popular celebrities and channels on their official accounts


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Apart from these, there is much more to play with and have fun in Instagram. It can almost drown you in the sea of pictures and you would still like it and will be enlightened to grab Instagram for PC on your computer for sure.

Download Instagram for PC (Windows XP/8.1/7)

In order to download this fun app and install Instagram for PC or laptop, there a few simple step you must follow. This article will guide you through two of the methods which are the quickest and easiest methods to use android application on your desktop PC/laptop. The methods are the same for both Windows and Mac OS, eliminating any confusion and panic in many users.

Method 1:
1. Download an android emulator on your system. An android emulator creates a virtual android workspace on your PC/laptop that allows you to sue android apps with ease. Bluestacks is our preferred android emulator and we will talk about the same.
2. On installing Bluestacks on the PC/laptop, go to the search bar in the application.
3. Type “Instagram” in the search bar and click on ‘Search’ icon.
4. Find the result with the official Instagram logo and download it.
5. Install Instagram on Bluestacks and you are ready to start enjoying it thoroughly through your PC or laptop.
If the above method shows error or you cannot find the right file to download Instagram for PC, we have an alternate method too.

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Alternative Way to Use Instagram on PC

1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC or laptop.
2. Search for ‘Instagram.apk’ in Google search engine.
3. Download the file with the above mentioned extension.
4. Once it is downloaded, double click on it to run the application.
5. The file will open automatically in Bluestacks and you are now set to use Instagram on your PC or laptop.

Downloading and installing Instagram on your Windows/Mac PC or laptop is quite simple and doesn’t require much time either. It allows you to explore more features of the app on the bigger screen. It is a much more fun experience. Once a person experiences Instagram for PC, he never would like to use this beautiful application on the limited mobile screen.

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Instagram for Mac OS: Keep Calm and Follow it

Having Instagram on Mac installed is almost as same as installing it for any Windows OS versions whatsoever. You just need to follow the below mentioned step by step guide and your Instagram for Mac devices is ready.

Step 1: Download a trusted application emulator for Mac OS powered system in order to make it possible to run the apps which are meant to be used on Smartphones. You can just download “Bluestacks” for that and get ready for the next step.

Step 2: When you are done with downloading the emulator, then you need to install it on your Mac system. After that just open the emulator and it will work as the app store now, and you will be able to download any application whatsoever from its dashboard after logging in.

Step 3: After that Type ‘Instagram’ on the search box available at the top screen of the emulator, now it will search the best image sharing app . Click on the first result and download Instagram from there fir free of cost.

Step 4: When you are finished with Instagram Download part, it will automatically install itself on the Mac OS system and the app will be there ready to use inside the amazing App drawer of the emulator. This is how you can use Instagram on Mac for free of cost.

Instagram for Windows 10: Easy Guide

Instagram has made the “Insta-Life” possible, and thus Instagram Download is a well known craze especially among the youths from different corner of the world. Getting Instagram for Windows 10 system is not an uphill task as just with the help of any Android emulators we can get Instagram on Windows 10 PC or Laptop for free. Just follow the same method that we have mentioned above to get Instagram on any other Windows OS version.


However, the app became popular because it allowed people to click pictures on their phones and instantly upload it on Instagram, which shared it on Facebook and Twitter via the auto-sync feature. This saves the effort of uploading pictures differently in different social media sites. All you need to do is upload your favourite picture on Instagram and click all the options of social media sites you are active in. Just one click will help to upload one picture wherever you desire. There are many users who are active on Instagram via smartphones today. Nonetheless, no one can deny the happiness gained by being able to use Instagram for PC or laptops too.

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