iMessage Not Working on iOS 10/9/8: Quick Fixes to Follow

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iMessage Not Working: Although iMessage is a great app, it isn’t without flaws. An unfortunate number of our readers have complained about errors and problems while trying to use it following our iMessage for PC guide. For them we have come up with a solution. Here’s a guide for you to get past some of the most common issues like “iMessage not working” and use the free text messaging app whenever you want.

iMessage not Working (Fixed)

How to Fix iMessage not working on iOS 10/9 or iOS 8?

Since the app is built to work with Apple devices, using it in both Mac and iOS device shouldn’t require you know rocket science. But if the messages aren’t syncing between your desktop and iOS devices then you need to check your settings.

  1. Network Problem?

Since iMesssage works on both 3G and Wi-Fi, a lot of times although you have the internet connection, but it’s extremely weak. If you are facing problems with the app, you need to make sure the router is properly configured. After checking out the device properly, you try and restart your connection. For your cellular data connection, you can so the same and see if the internet is faster. If not, then you’ll have to wait out, till the speed of the internet gets back to normal.

  1. Turning Off and Turning On the App

This is to boot app into action mode. You need to do the following:

iMessage not Working (fix)

  • Go to Settings>Messages>Turn Off iMessage (if it’s switched ON)

iMessage not Working (solved)

  • After a minute, switch it back on. This might take a few moments. And do make sure that the network is working alright. Now try sending a message via the app.
  • If you’re still facing problems, then sign out of Apple ID (go to Send & Receive) and then re-sign in again. After which you’d need to follow the steps stated above.
  1. Set the Sending and Receiving Options

Head to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. You should be able to see your phone number and an email address here. Next, open iMessages. Here you should be able to see the same phone number and email address. If you see a different phone number and email address, then change it.

iMessage not Working: how to solve

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If this doesn’t work then you can try an alternative method. The steps include:

  • Remove the email ID and use only the Phone number.
  • Or you can select either email or iPhone to see if iMessage works with either.
  • Or select both email and phone number. When you hit enter, you’d see another option saying “Start New Conversion From” which you’ll have to fill in with your phone number.


  1. Auto Updates

While these are the most common problems that iMessage users face, the issue could be even simpler. A number of users have noticed that sometimes the app skips auto-updates. For this, we have a simple solution. Go to Settings → General → Date & Time → Set Automatically, switch it on.

These are some of the latest and best working methods to fix iMessage not Working problem with ease. They should work out fine. If not, then reach out to us via the comment section below.

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