IFA 2017 Berlin: What Can You Expect From Europe’s Biggest Tech Show

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IFA or the Internationale Funkausstellung is one of the most significant conferences organized in Berlin that houses various international launches and product showcases. Started in 1924 as a radio show, it’s one of the world’s largest technology conference, where hundreds of tech companies launch their new products. IFA 2017 Berlin, which is Europe’s biggest tech show will be held from September 1st to September 6th this year.

Almost every major Android device manufacturer has some sort of key announcements or launches at the event this year, with big players like Huawei, Samsung, and LG already giving out some information about what people can expect from them at the event. The event not only serves as a great platform for launching smartphones but it also serves a great purpose for the launch of other devices, like the mobile accessories, wearable tech, and other audio and video devices as well.

Things that you could expect from the IFA 2017 Berlin event

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro and Gear Sport

Like the last year, Samsung is most probably going to have a rather uneventful IFA since it has already launched its flagship product, the Galaxy Note 8 at an event earlier this year. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t have any new product launches in IFA 2017 Berlin. They have a press conference scheduled in the event, where you can expect them to launch the successor to the Gear Fit 2, Called the Gear Fit 2 Pro, which is a smart watch.

IFA 2017 Berlin

There are also rumors that you might see some other small announcements as well, including the new VR applications for the Gear VR, and also a couple of devices from the Samsung J and A lineup.

LG V30

Thanks to LG’s agreeable policy of announcing its phones before they are actually released, many people already know about the launch of the new LG V30 smartphone in the event. The phone is world’s first phone having f/1.6 aperture camera and LG has already shown its new updated Android UX, which tries to recreate the traditional display as a virtual overlay. This is going to be a flagship launch for LG as it will try to make its V series smartphones mainstream for the users.

IFA 2017 Berlin

Sony smartphones

Sony has always had the reputation of making interesting announcements at the IFA event every year, and this year also seems to be no exception. It’s believed that Sony might launch two new Xperia smartphones, the Xperia XZ1 Compact and the Xperia XZ1, in this year’s event. These devices are rumored to start shipping with the newest Android Oreo after their launch, which makes it even more interesting.

IFA 2017 Berlin


Even though Motorola has launched almost 10 smartphones this year, it’s rumored that it can announce one more smartphone at the IFA event. The device is believed to be the Moto X4 which is a successor of the popular Moto X series that was dead since the launch of the Moto Z. This device is believed to be an affordable flagship smartphone that people could afford to buy.

IFA 2017 Berlin


After the launch of the P10 and P10 Plus at MWC in March, it’s expected that the smartphone giant is looking to launch a new affordable smartphone of the Nova 2 series. These phones might closely resemble the other Nova series phones and it’s expected that there would be no element of surprise in the launches of Huawei.

IFA 2017 Berlin

Berlin is one of the most beautiful cities in world and the IFA 2017 Berlin is sure to bring in some interesting new product launches and announcements for tech enthusiasts and people who love gadgets.

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