Honor 8 Review: Features, Specifications, Advantages, and Disadvantages

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When I first thought of getting a new phone, I went through a lot of reviews online to read about the best selling flagship phones of Samsung, Apple, and iPhone. But then, because I didn’t want to spend a lot on my phone since I always liked to try out new phones, I decided to play it smart. I set a budget of 30, 000 Rupees and that’s when i read a review of Honor 8 by Huawei.

Honor 8

Honor 8 is a phone which you can fall for, at the first sight. Its sleek and stylish design will catch the attention of anyone around. Also, Honor 8 is available in 5 different colors which are black, white, golden, blue, and pink.  You can choose among these colors according to your personality and style. Well, I bought the golden one- Sunrise Gold and I’m in love with the way it looks.

The phone has a frame with metal part sandwiched between 15 layers of glass which looks absolutely stunning. The phone is a bit slippery; so you better get a good phone cover if you want t save yourself from major heart attacks. Another disadvantage of Honor 8 is that it gets covered in finger prints very easily. Either you need to keep your hands squeaky clean all the time, or you will have to care less about the way finger prints spoil the looks of your Honor 8.

Honor 8

Honor 8 specifications you need to know about

Operating System  Android 7.0
Dimensions 145.5 mm (L) x71.0 mm (W) x7.45 mm (T)
Screen resolution 1920×1080, 423 PPI
Rear Camera Dual 12 MP (monochrome + color)
Front Camera 8MP (delayed shooting + panoramic selfie)
ROM 32 GB/ 64 GB
Battery 3000 mAh Lithium Polymer
Expandable Memory  Up to 128 GB
Sensors Fingerprint sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Compass, Gyroscope, Infrared Sensor, NFC, Hall
Networks 2G, 3G, 4G
Weight About 153 g (including non removable battery)
SIM  Single Nano SIM

honor 8

Why to get Honor 8?

Honor 8, in spite of a little bit of heating issues, can still win over your heart with its amazing camera, looks, and performance. The price of Honor 8 is reasonable when you consider the features of this phone. It not only look good, but handles your needs pretty good. It’s not a huge hone or a heavy phone and it fits very smooth into your hands. Although I wish Honor 8 came with the updated version of Android.

What are the best deals on Honor 8?

Online shopping giants like Amazon has been giving out Honor 8 for a price that’s just 50% of the original price since weeks! And now, the price on Amazon has dropped down from Rs 29,999 to Rs 15,999 on the pink color variant of Honor 8. I know your mouth is like wide open now, but you would still be wondering if there was anything wrong with the product since they are giving them away for just the half of the real price. Well, I had bought my phone on Amazon and I’ve been using the phone since a month and I haven’t experienced any major troubles with my device.

The price of this phone was almost around Rs 29,000 on Flipkart as well, until a few days back; but now the price has dropped to Rs 19, 990! And feel free to “crawl” through these shopping sites so that you get the best deals on the phone.

I hope you liked this review and let me know if you did, in the the comments section below. Also, keep following droidadda.com for the latest updates on everything Android!

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