Acer’s New Holo 360: Is it a Camera or a Phone?

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Most of us would have wondered at least once if we could capture what we see around us so that we can come back and feel the same again. With the help of 360 degree cameras we are closer to this wish as we can capture the widest of the widest panoramic shots on these. Holo 360, is a new device from acer that will let you capture wide angle photographs and videos.

So if you’re road tripping or rock climbing, you can capture the amazing things you see around you and show them to your friends and family, just like you see it. Gone is the time time when you click a normal picture that would capture just the things in front of you. Holo 360 will let you see the world in 360 degrees.

Even though there are 360 degree cameras in the market already, they need to be connected to your smartphone or laptop for you to edit them or share them, mostly through an app. Acer’s Holo 360 let’s you capture, edit, and share photos and videos from one device which can also be used to make calls. However, it’s not really a phone because Acer describes it as a “Connected 360-degree Camera.”

Features of Acer Holo 360

  • The new Acer Holo 360 has a 360 degree camera
  • This device runs Google Android 7.1
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 is the processor in this device
  • 6.9K resolution photos and 4K resolution videos can be taken using Holo 360
  • You can see the images on a 3-inch touch screen.
  • You can edit photos and videos on this device.
  • Built in LTE connectivity
  • You can share your photos and videos with your friends on this device through WiFi.
  • You can make calls through this device, but it’s more of a camera.
  • The appearance is a bit bulky like an iPod, but it’s not too big.
  • According to Acer, a lot of apps will work on this app including your favorite photo sharing apps like Instagram and Facebook.

The only thing that’s not there is Holo 360 is cellular service. Well, you can settle for a basic phone if you want to buy the Holo 360; right?

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