HelloTalk: The Most Trending Language Exchange App


Long back, we would physically enroll for a language course in order to learn a language, but no more. The internet has left nothing untouched, including medium to learn a new language. All of us know the importance of an active communication along with reading books to learn a new language. That’s exactly what led to an incredible rise in popularity of the HelloTalk App. HelloTalk lets you connect with the native speakers of the language you aim to learn.

For anyone who wants to learn a new language, all you have to do is download the app on your device. As soon as you do so, you’ll be taken to the page where you sign up. You have to specify your country, your native language, and the language you want to learn to help the app find perfect matches for you. Ideally, the app finds people who would teach you the language you want to learn, and want to learn your native language.

Unique Features Of HelloTalk

  • As soon as you start using the App, there’s a robot that helps you explore and know the features of the app.
  • You can send messages to anyone from the search button, using which you can find thousands of people matching your requisites.
  • You get to mention your level of proficiency in the language so that the language partner gets to identify how to teach you.
  • Also, the details about the native language, country, level of proficiency, etc. are visible for every user so that you can identify who to talk to.


  • Totally meant for language learning, the app comes up with the warning when you or someone else asks for contact numbers. However, if you feel it is okay to exchange contact numbers, you can do so.
  • While communicating, you can type a text in your native language and get it automatically translated to the language you’re learning. This can be done using the translator tool on the right side of the typing space.
  • You can also draw or write by yourself and send the image to your language partner using a tool that looks like a palette.


  • When you long press a text, you have a number of options to choose from for that text. You can choose to reply to that specific text, translate it, correct it, mark it as favorite, copy, transliterate, or even have it spoken by the robot.
  • You can send and receive audio messages, and can even communicate on call.
  • There’s a VIP membership that you can pay for. Using this VIP membership, you get to learn multiple languages simultaneously, establish video calls, you get unlimited translation tools and special stickers.
  • You also have a special notepad in your profile, where you can save the messages you feel like saving.
  • When your language partner sends you a text, you can correct his/her text using correction tool to help your language partner learn better.


  • A relatively newer feature called “moments” lets you share pictures and status publically, to enhance and welcome more of communication. You can, comment, like, and correct and receive correction even in the “moments” section.
  • You can add your bio in text form as well as record it for people to know you better and help them decide if they can send you a request.

Things To Remember


  • You should avoid sending any texts or images unrelated to language learning unless it is required. It is best to keep away from sharing obscene images since the other user can block you for that. And, there are chances you could be blocked from using the app permanently.
  • Once you have mentioned your nationality and native language, you can’t change it. So, make sure you mention it right.
  • Certain features, like translation and transliteration, have limited number of uses per day for a regular user. However, it is unlimited for a VIP member.

All of that being said, HelloTalk is definitely the best language exchange app for people who are serious about learning languages. What makes it so popular is its appropriate limitations and amazing features that set it aside from any ordinary app.


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