Hay Day Tips: For the latest updated version (October 16, 2017)

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Hay Day Tips will help you learn Hay Day, one of the most downloaded farming games on android. Most of us would know about farming games from Farmville since it is the oldest. Farmville became a huge hit because it was connected to Facebook at that point of time. People played the farming game on computers because smartphones weren’t really everywhere. We can say that we believed nobody would be able to make a farming game better than Farmville because it was the first of it’s kind and the best of it’s kind for a long time, until Hay Day was launched.

Hay Day Tips

To be honest, farming games are very addictive if you like them and Hay Day is my favorite. I’ve played it long enough to write a review on it and share some tips. Don’t worry if you’re a new player and you don’t know anything about the game; we’ll start from the scratch. Hay Day can be real fun if you know how to play it well and let’s get into some details first.

What is Hay Day?

Hay Day is an online farming game that can also be played on multiple devices like Laptops, PCs, and tablets as well. The game can be downloaded and installed on android devices as well as iOS devices as apps. Hay Day is available on Google Play store and iTunes, from where you can download it for free.

Hay Day is a game by Super Cell and it is actually the most popular farming game for android with the highest number of downloads 9,309,078 which is more than triple of Farmville 2, the second most popular farming game now. Hay Day has more downloads than any of its competitors and it comes under the Editor’s Choice list. And this probable because it is 3D and has amazing graphics. The farm animals look so damn cute!

Hay Day needs an active internet connection to be played. The game works on real time but at a faster. To explain this, let’s consider sowing and harvesting a crop. For example, if you’re sowing wheat it takes 2 minutes for them to be ready for harvest. 2 Minutes of your real life actually means weeks in the game- that’s fun, isn’t it?

What are the basic Hay Day Tips?

Hay Day Tips

If you’ve just started the game, the instructions will help you learn how to place things, sow seeds and harvest crops. If you’re a beginner in the game, I hope these hay day tips would be of some help.

  • Use the field area well and farm as many crops as possible.
  • Take care of your chicken because you can sell their eggs.
  • Spend a little more time on the game in the first few days since the crops that you’re given in the beginning of the game get ready to be harvested within few minutes.
  • Try to make more and sell more to get more XP and more money (XP is the blue star and money is the yellow coin you get when you harvest something).
  • Once you start selling through truck orders, try to grow crops and bake things according to the orders you get. The more orders you complete, the more XP and money you earn.
  • Things like excess crops, milk, and eggs that you get and that floods your silo and barn need to be sold through your road side store, from time to time.
  • Once you start getting the news paper, you can check if someone else is selling items that you require. An important thing to notice here is that you should not be greedy and buy a lot of things that would help you to complete your orders. It’s better that you make the things on your own, to complete the orders because if you’re buying them from someone else, they are going to be really expensive.

What are the important Hay Day tips that go unnoticed?

  •  Exclamation marks- This is one among the most important Hay Day Tips that people fail to notice. When you check for results on your news paper, if you see an exclamation mark on top of a particular result, that means that farm needs help. You can help this farm by either filling in their boat orders or reviving their trees. Once you go into that farm, you can search for exclamation marks near the dock or near dried trees and plants. The trees will be jumping slightly to attract your attention and you just need to touch them to revive them. You earn 5 XP every time you revive a tree and more XP and coins if you help with a dock order.
  •  Connect with your friends even though you don’t have a neighborhood- You don’t really have to wait until 10th level to repair your neighborhood building and connect with your friend on Hay Day. You can connect with your friends or search your friends on Hay Day by clicking on the icon with 3 people like figures at the right hand side bottom corner of the screen. Once you click that there will be an icon of a book which you need to go to. You will find your farm’s hashtag over there and a space to search for your friend’s hashtag. Ask your friend to search for you and add you with the help of your hashtag or vice versa.

What’s going to be in store next in Hay Day Tips?

Hay Day Tips

  • Once you reach level 10, you can join a particular neighborhood or make your own neighborhood and add other farmers to it. You can chat with your neighbors and borrow things from them that you don’t have at a lower cost or for free! you can help them in return as well.  There will be derbies in which the neighborhoods participate as a team and complete tasks together.
  • There will be events next from time to time in which you can participate and earn special gifts and money. You can see the events board next to your roadside shop, to check if there are any events right now.
  • When you reach level 14, you will get your personal assistant, Tom who can run and check available offers on items you need. You can ask him to search only for a single item in a run and he will come back with available offers from other farmers. You can choose the necessary one from it. However, Tom will go to chill once he completes a run and you can use him again only after 2 hours.
  • From level 15, you’re going to get gift cards by post from a funny looking post man. The post man will visit you every day and you can collect these gift cards to open a mystery package that will either contain diamonds or gifts for you.
  • At Level 17, you can repair the docks after which you will get bigger orders that will need to be shipped. Completing shipping orders will get you different colored vouchers with which you can buy pets and other farm animals in the coming levels.
  • At level 22, you can start expanding your farm area using certain tools which you need to collect. The forest you see now, beyond which you do not have access to can all be cleared gradually.
  • Once you reach level 24, you can start mining precious metals and diamonds from the mine that is located at the back side of your farm. These metals are useful for making ornaments which you can sell.
  • At level 27, you can repair and use your fishing boat to catch fish and lobsters with which you can make yummy dishes!
  • At level 34, you can unlock your own town and repair the railway. Visitors will come to your town by rail and spend their money on items which will earn you rewards and money.

A lot more money, expansion, orders, and fun awaits you, as you progress through Hay Day. Hope these Hay Day Tips are going to help you play the game better and know what’s going to come next. If you liked this article, let us know in the comments section below.

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