Google Maps Update: What’s New in The App?

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With each update, whether it is a Google Maps update or any other app coming with an update, we all
feel like there can’t be more to it. However, with technology speeding up its pace, there is room for so
much! This holds true for the new Google Maps update, with a series of changes that have been made
to the previous app, giving it a brand-new look for both Android users and iPhone users. Here’s what the
recent updates are and what you can expect out of these updates!

  • Contact’s Battery Life Being Visible

Now, this new update is what is becoming the talk of the town. Remember now, when you make a
whatsapp video call, if you are too low on battery, your friend would get notified. Who knew Google
would draw the battery insights from whatsapp and make an amazing feature out of it! This update
basically lets your contact see your battery life along with location, when you share your location with
your contact. This one is for both Android and iPhone users.
While some people might as well find this new Google Maps update to be a bit creepy, when you know
how useful it can be, it in fact saves you from the creepiness. There are instances when your phone is
about to die, or if not your phone, many kids, the location wouldn’t be visible to your contact and that
might freak out your contact. This new feature will give them a sense of relief when they already know
you are running out of battery.
For parents who try to track their kids or, in any crisis situation, this feature might actually prevent
people from panicking when the location can’t be tracked because of the phone of the person dying.

  • The Makeover for Android

Well, this Google Maps update or the next one isn’t creepy in any sense. They are some people’s
favorite kind of update offered for any app- all about how the app looks. Google talked about this new
update in the looks of Google Maps in Google I/O 2018. And later on, in the month of June, the update
was made available to the users.
First things first, the new and interesting feature that has been added to Google Maps is a feature called
“explore”. You get to see a lot more than you would before, when it comes to hunting for places to shop
at, eat at, or places with activities and events where you can participate.

Ipad Internet Screen Google Map Tablet Multimedia Update
Ipad Internet Screen Map Tablet Multimedia from – MaxPixel

Besides this, the icons assume a more colorful look, there is a change in the interface, and the buttons
are rounder. Even the font has been changed to a new one and the color scheme looks a lot lighter than
before. Apart from these, there are some more subtle changes here and there. While what could be
changed and made more interesting has been changed, there are certain things, like the transit screen
has not been changed, which is okay for all the other features you get.

  • Match Feature for iPhone

While all of what has been mentioned above is exclusively for Android users, the new Google Maps
Update doesn’t disappoint iPhone users as well. There is a feature called ‘match’ that was made
available to Android users long back. Now, it has finally made to iPhone as well. Match is one of the best
AI based functions, wherein the function goes through and collects all the Google data about a person.
Once that is done, there is an intuitive suggestion made as to where the person would want to eat, hang
out, or whatever.

When you search for a place and love the place or a certain cuisine, Google Maps would suggest you to
visit more places that offer similar cuisine or food in similar tastes. This would happen with the help of
reviews as well. As you go to a specific restaurant, try their food, and leave a positive review, Google
Maps would connect it with other restaurants that are similar so that you can again have a good

However, there is an option for people who still would not want to make use of this Google Maps
update. In case you really want to make use of this update, you would have to give permission to share
your data with Google along with sharing your location data as well. Only when you do that, Google
would be able pick up information related to you and provide intuitive suggestions. In case you don’t
want to make use of this feature, you can choose to do so by not sharing your data with Google.
Before this feature was made available, there would be a need to manually do the searching, go through
a bunch of places on the phone and read through the reviews. The ‘match’ function just makes it a lot
more automatic and intuitive, saving a lot of time for people would otherwise spend time searching for

These are the three new updates that you would find on your Google Maps. While the match feature
and the enhanced looks for Android would mostly gather positive reviews, there are quite a mixed kind
of reviews about the battery life feature. Many people even believe Google Maps battery update was
unneeded and does not make any sense at all. But to see this with a positive perception, you can say
whoever does not find the feature useful has nothing to lose. The feature just has the battery
percentage of the other person showing on the screen, which by all means is harmless and does not
seem bothering as well.

As for people who find the feature useful, it is a great thing and an added benefit to being able to see a
person’s location. With all of that being said, which one out of these Google Maps feature is your
favorite feature? Don’t forget to comment what’s your favorite feature and what you think about this
recent Google Apps update in the comments section!

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