How to get all of Android Oreo Features on any Android smartphone

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Seems like everywhere you look, everyone is talking about Android’s Oreo 8.0. However, no one has the software yet. Google officially launched the version, following months-long preview and beta testing. However, you can get a taste of Android Oreo features on practically any phone or tablet right now, even without Android 8.0 in place. All you need is the right set of apps to emulate some of Android Oreo features.

Android Oreo Features #1: Snoozing Notifications

Oreo provides a native system for snoozing notifications and then making them reappear later. While you obviously can’t achieve that type of native feel or system-level integration without Android 8.0 on your device, you can set up a way to snooze notifications and enjoy the same basic functionality.

Android Oreo Features

The answer resides in an app called Boomerang Notifications, which was developed as part of a research study at Cardiff University. All you’ve gotta do is install the app and follow its setup instructions, which will let you select what apps you want to be eligible for notification snoozing. Once that’s done, anytime you swipe away a relevant notification, look back immediately in your notification panel. You’ll see a prompt from Boomerang that’ll let you save the notification and set a reminder for later.

Android Oreo Features #2: PIP (Picture-In-Picture) Video

Oreo’s Picture-In-Picture feature is a useful and intuitive way to shrink things like videos down into a small floating window that then appears on top of other apps. And guess what? Even without Oreo, you can make that sort of magic happen on your Android device.

Android Oreo Features

What you need is a clever little tool called Floating Apps. It’s available in both a free version as well a paid version. The free version has some annoying ads , which aren’t present in the paid version. The paid version gives you a few extra floating window options, too — most notably for Maps and a document viewing utility. Both versions, however, support a fair amount of basics, including YouTube and a window-sized local image gallery.

Like with notification snoozing, the experience here is nowhere near as seamless as what you’ll get with Oreo — but it certainly is powerful. And it even has a few picture-in-picture capabilities not yet supported by any apps in Android 8.0, like a floating calculator, compass and stopwatch in addition to the aforementioned document viewer.

Android Oreo Features #3: Smart WiFi Toggling

Oreo has an out-of-the-way feature for Pixel owners that allows the operating system to automatically activate Wi-Fi whenever you’re in range of a known network — any network to which you’ve previously connected. That way, you don’t have to leave your Wi-Fi on all the time for no reason or try to remember to manually toggle it on and off throughout the day.

Android Oreo Features

You don’t need Oreo or a Pixel to enjoy this sort of intelligence, you just need an app called  Smart WiFi Toggler, which is free with an optional $0.99 in-app purchase to disable ads. Set it up, enable it and watch as your device’s Wi-Fi turns itself on and off at just the right times.

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Android Oreo Features #4 and #5: Notification dots along with an expanded home screen icon menu

With Android 8.0 and Google’s Pixel-exclusive Pixel Launcher, you have the option to see dots on icons throughout your home screen. With the help of this, you can know at a glance which apps have notifications pending. And when you press and hold a home screen icon, you can see and interact with any associated notifications right then and there. Also, you can pull up any related widgets while you’re at it.

Android Oreo Features

If you want those powers on any device, just install Action Launcher — which is free with an optional $4.99 in-app upgrade for unlocking advanced options. Action Launcher will give you all the Oreo/Pixel-Launcher-style stuff along with oodles of other features and opportunities for customization.

Android Oreo Features #6: Night Light mode

The native ability to have your device’s display adjust itself for optimal nighttime reading entered Android with 2016’s Nougat release. Nevertheless, Oreo takes the feature up a notch with new controls for fine-tuning its intensity.

Android Oreo Features

That exact implementation of Night Light, as the feature’s known, requires some hardware-level integration. This is  why it isn’t available on all devices. But you can add a similar feature to any Android phone or tablet with the help of a free app called Twilight. Give it a whirl, and give your eyes a break.

And with that, you officially have a taste of Oreo’s finest front-facing features . This, however, is as best as you can without having the actual Android 8.0 software and any other required elements.

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