Best Android Apps to get if you love Game of Thrones Cast

game of thrones cast

As Season 7 Game of Thrones is approaching an end, the internet is flooded with videos,articles, fan theories, games, memes, and a lot more about this popular show. This massive television show has stolen the hearts of many all over the world. The show which is based on a series of novels by George R R Martin called “A Song of Ice and Fire” is huge in terms of production, fan base, the money involved, and the Game of Thrones Cast is especially.

game of thrones cast

If you love the show, you probably would have your own favorites among the Game of Thrones Cast. You admire them? and love their style when they are in their characters. Don’t you? Your phone can now help you play your favorite star or character and know more about them. Here are a few apps which you would love to have on your Android Smartphone.

Game of Thrones by Telltale (Role Playing Game)

game of thrones cast

This game is a boon for all the Game of Thrones fans out there. Be one among the Game of Thrones Cast for a while when you’re immersed in this game.The graphics, voice of characters, plots, and sound effects are top notch in this game. The game will take you through different episodes of the series as you play till you reach the final plot. The game is as intense and violent just like the actual series and beware if you’re going to attend the red wedding!

Game of Thrones Ascent (Game)

game of thrones cast

This too is a role playing game with good graphics by Disruptor Beam. If you’ve ever thought you could have chosen differently and played the role of Ned Stark or Cersei Lannister, this is the game for you! It puts you into the story and let you experience your favorite series just like life. You can make your own decisions while you move through the story line. If you love Peter Dinklage, Kit Harrington, Emilia Clarke, or any other member of  Game of Thrones Cast, here is a chance to be in their shoes when they play their characters!

A Deck of Thrones (Card Game)

game of thrones cast

A perfect card game with beautiful illustrations of your favorite Game of Thrones characters. Each character will have a separate card on which their name, picture, traits, and challenge icons will be there. All of the houses in the seven kingdoms are present in the deck making it just like the real story.

Map for Game of Thrones (Guide)

game of thrones cast

If you just started watching Game of Thrones because all of your friends are watching it, but you’re finding it too hard to make out the connections between characters, this app is for you. This app will help you learn the characters, their houses, and major events that take place in the story. This app provides you a map that will help you locate different places in the kingdom and it points out when certain events take place.

Trivia for Game of Thrones (Quiz)

game of thrones cast

If you think you are one among the biggest fans of GoT, give this quiz a try. It has over 300+ questions at various difficulty levels. You can also challenge your friends to take this quiz to compare your knowledge about the series! You need to answer quickly before the time drains out, spicing the quiz up. Check who among your GoT loving friends emerges the winner and sits on the Iron throne!

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