Easy Steps That Can Help You Fix Android Oreo Wi-Fi Problems

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Whether it’s a newer version of android, windows, or iOS that’s coming up, it creates great deal of excitement in people- almost like a toddler waiting for a lollipop (or may be a pack of Oreo!) Android Oreo has already received huge amounts of attention. If you have a phone that can be upgraded to this new version, there’s no way you’ve not talked about it. After all the excitement about what the new super cool features are has subdued, the most predictable question is- what the problems associated with Android Oreo are. One of the issues is in Android Oreo Wi-Fi.

Every time a newer version of Android is launched, there are compatibility issues across devices and it totally spoils it for the users. And to talk about how important Wi-Fi has currently become, it totally makes sense when we say a phone’s dead without Wi-Fi.

Despite how essential it is that your phone has an active Wi-Fi functioning, Android Oreo has major Wi-Fi issues as reported by a huge chunk of people. If you are facing Wi-Fi problems on your device with Android Oreo, there are some quick tips you can try for Android Oreo Wi-Fi problems.

Try airplane mode

When you are unable to connect to a network, or are connected and yet can’t use the Wi-Fi, you can try turning on the airplane mode, wait for 2 to 3 minutes and turn it off. This might get you connected to the network.

Unplugging the router

Android Oreo Wi-Fi

If it’s your router, you can try unplugging it and plugging it back after 2 to 3 minutes and check if it works. Also, make sure the wall outlet power is working. If you are using a public connection, you can’t check the router. If that’s the case, you might want to try the other alternatives mentioned below.

Forget the network

Go to the settings, and select network and settings from there. You would find “Wi-Fi” option and on tapping it, you’ll be taken to a page with all the network names available in your area. Tap on the network name you want to, and select forget for it. But, make sure you remember its password since forgetting a network would ask you to re-enter the password to connect to it again.

Reset network settings in your Android Oreo Wi-Fi

To reset network settings, go to the settings, select system, then select reset. You’ll be taken to another page where you have to select “network settings reset” and finally select reset settings. Doing this will reset your Wi-Fi network settings. This might solve your problem if it has anything to do with your network settings.

Enable safe mode

Long press the power button and you’ll see “power off” on your screen. Touch and hold the “power off” on your screen and your phone will enter safe mode. The indication of safe mode is that the bottom-left part of your screen has “safe mode” written.

When you enter safe mode and your Wi-Fi starts functioning, it means there’s some third-party app that has been causing trouble. You can delete the recently downloaded apps one by one to see which one has been causing issues. Once you delete the app that has been stopping your Wi-Fi from functioning, you can exit safe mode by restarting your phone and start using Wi-Fi.

While these are solutions for some of the issues that you might face from using Wi-Fi on an android Oreo upgraded phone, Android needs to take serious steps to resolve Wi-Fi problems to give users best of experience.

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