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Looking for news videos is easier on YouTube, but Google seems to make it simpler by introducing YouTube ‘Breaking News’. What exactly is it you ask? YouTube Breaking News is a separate section on the homepage and the mobile app made just for breaking news in the world.

YouTube Breaking News

This new section appears like any other recommended channel tab on the web homepage, and as a scrollable carousel between suggested videos on the mobile application, as mentioned by Android Police.

What does the Youtube Breaking News section do?

At the time this feature went on the floor, it was filled with a particular set of news about the scandal regarding Steve Bannon being ousted from the White House. However, ever since its publication, YouTube Breaking News has updated its list of news by featuring extensive feed on the Barcelona terror attack, among other a relevant news from the world.

YouTube Breaking News

As for now, it is still unclear what Google plans to achieve with this development. There are various speculations that Google is populating the section algorithmically. Some even think that Google is curating the content by hand. However, it is still unclear as to whether the YouTube Breaking News section will appear at all times, or only when crisis strikes and there is a breaking news cycle formed.

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An app earlier known for only streaming entertainment, the introduction of YouTube Breaking News has led its foray into infotainment. Hence it has become an important aspect of advertising for major firms, especially those with increased social media marketing, owing to the rising popularity of the platform at large.

But all conjecture aside, it is still a good thing to have another feature added to  Youtube’s front page that will hopefully keep people informed about the fast news cycles that go on around the world.

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