Android Applications That Can Help You Fight Smartphone Addiction

smartphone addiction

The recent era can be correctly termed as the era of smartphones. Most people nowadays own smartphones and use it for various purposes. Smartphones have made many things, like checking emails, browsing the internet, listening music, and many more things very simpler for the common public, which is the main factor why people love smartphones. However, this love for smartphones has also given rise to a new type of addiction called smartphone addiction.

smartphone addiction

This problem is most common for teens who tend to be glued to their phone screens for most of the times. Is it that you spend most of your time with your smartphone? Are you aware of the fact that you are addicted to your smartphone and you hope to cut down the time you use your smartphone? If yes then there are some apps that can help you get rid of your smartphone addiction.

Application that can help you get rid of smartphone addiction


While smartphones certainly make our lives better and easy, they are also a great source of distraction as well. Most of the people owning a smartphone are guilty of checking their phones regularly for updates and notifications on social media applications or even messaging applications. This is where the application Checky comes to great use. The application counts and tells you exactly the number of times you have checked your smartphone during the day. This helps you monitor the usage of smartphone which can result in cutting down the time spent on the smartphone.

smartphone addiction


This application provides you detailed information about how you spend time on your smartphone. The application stores data about how much time did you spend on each application and lists them showing the most used applications. It also tracks the time that you spend talking through your smartphone and your internet usage as well.

smartphone addiction

Furthermore, this application also lets you set a limit on your usage, which when crossed send you alerts. This is very helpful as it lets you control the usage of your smartphone. Once you know the total time spent on the applications, you can easily control it and get rid of your addiction.

Cold Turkey

This application has a Do Not Disturb type feature that lets you not get disturbed by any unnecessary notification. All you need to do is just set a time limit and you’re good to go. Once started, your smartphone becomes completely useless for that particular time period. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to use your smartphone in the provided time. This is a great application to limit the time you spend on your smartphone.

smartphone addiction

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