FaceTime for Android Devices: Is it Even Possible?

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FaceTime for Android: FaceTime is one of the most popular video chatting applications of these days. This Apple product has gained immense popularity among the fans since its inception and now almost every iPhone users have this video-telephony application installed on their phone. And for its HD quality video calls, simple and user-friendly interface, the stature of this video calling application is growing day by day. Today we will be looking at whether FaceTime for Android is indeed possible or now. Let’s get started!

FaceTime for Android
FaceTime for Android

But the biggest problem of the FaceTime app is its OS constraint nature. As the application is developed by Apple, Facetime is not available for Android smartphones.  It is a real tragedy for the Android users that they are now allowed to use FaceTime for Android devices. So in this article we have revealed whether it is possible to run FaceTime on Android or not and if yes, what are the tricks to download FaceTime on Android.

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FaceTime for Android: What to Expect?

As an Apple product, it is not possible to run FaceTime for Android devices. So we have come up with some best alternatives of FaceTime which are available on the Google Play Store and easily downloadable on the Android smartphones. These video calling applications come with similar features of FaceTime and also rated as one of the bests by their merit. So check it out:

FaceTime App Alternatives for Android Smartphones

Skype:  Skype is one of the pathfinders in this video-telephony technology. Introduced in 2003, this application was taken by Microsoft later and since then there is no looking back for this awesome application. Skype comes as a default application with the Windows phone and you can use it on your Android phones too by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

If we talk about the features of Skype, this video chatting application comes with a high-quality HD video or voice call and after you finish your call or voice chat, you can rate it as per its quality. All you need is an internet connection with good speed. The application is free to download and allows group chat.

Viber: As FaceTime for Android is not possible, Viber could be proved as another good replacement of the FaceTime. The application is famous for its user-friendly interface and was introduced on the phones first, unlike Skype. Viber did not allow video chatting in its initial days and was restricted in simple texting and audio message sharing. Later it incorporated the video calling feature and now Viber is one of the most famous videos chatting applications.

Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is another perfect substitute of FaceTime for Android. You can enter the application with your Google ID and can automatically chat with those persons who are one your Google Circles. The application is available for both iOS and Android phones and you can use it from your PC too. The voice calls in this application are free and you can carry out multiple people(maximum 10) chats at the same time. Another great feature of this application is it consumes less amount of data compared to the other video calling applications available in the market.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting applications of all time, if not the most, and recently the application has introduced the video calling facility. The video chatting application is available on iOS, Android and Windows phones and allows multi-tasking during a video call. The quality of the video call automatically adjusts depending on network quality and speeds. As the video calling feature has been included recently in WhatsApp, the group chat facility is still not available in the application.

It is now clear that FaceTime for Android is not possible, so don’t be misled by other websites which are claiming to provide tutorials on how to run FaceTime on Android. They are all indeed fake and make no sense at all. If you still have any questions regarding this topic, then feel free to ask in comments!

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