English Learning Apps- Learn English for Free Using Your Smartphone

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Knowing proper English has become one of the most necessary tools for communication. Today, a country’s success is gauged by its international terms. And for the same, as citizens, we have to know English so that we can establish relations with other nations. This almost necessitates English learning. While this is the overall reason, you might have a number of other reasons as well. In India, a majority of companies conduct interviews in English. Universities conduct classes in English. If you are weak at speaking or understanding English, it can be a loss for you. Knowing English has even become a self-esteem boosting factor.

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It might be relieving for you to know that you don’t have to spend a lot attending classes for English learning. Being a part of a tech-savvy generation, all you need is your smartphone and proper motivation to make you persevere. There are apps that can help you learn English in a way that wouldn’t seem monotonous. These apps have their own benefits of using. While some aim at helping you learn English grammar, others can help you get a grip on spoken English. Read ahead to find what those English learning apps are!

English Learning Apps

1. English Learning Handbook

This is one of the best apps if you want to learn English. It focusses on the rules of English to help sentence formations. It has a built-in dictionary that helps you build vocabulary. If you want to sharpen your listening skills as well, you can listen to the audio files. These audios are that of most used conversations. Once you have practiced well, there are tests that you can take to find out what your progress is.

Best Feature

There are sub-categories within each category to make learning easier. If you choose the category “Vocabulary”, you will find various sub-categories, like common vocabulary, people, private life, public life, etc. The category “Grammar” has specific sub-categories, like the verb, subject, pronouns, etc.

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2. Duolingo

The first noticeable thing about the app is its icon- a cute little birdie. Basically, this app has a wide range of languages out of which you can select any. Since we are here talking about English learning, you choose English. This app focusses on three levels of learning- speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This app is great to practice English starting from zero.

Best Features-

  • In the language list, there is a special option dedicated for Hindi speakers- “English for Hindi speakers”.
  • You can select the amount of time you would like to dedicate to the app. The options are- 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and 20 minutes a day.
  • You can even select out of two options- If you are totally new to English or you already know a bit of English.
  • The app uses pictures to make the learning easier.

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3. Memrise

Memrise is definitely one of the best apps. Here again, you can find a wide variety of languages to learn. You get to choose to learn English and then specify if you are a beginner or at an advanced level. The words that you learn are also spoken by the app robot. This helps you grasp the right pronunciation of the word. This app is great for people who want to learn English right from the beginning.

Best Features-

This app has been tagged as the Editor’s Choice. There are a number of features that make it really popular.

  • The app gives you daily goals to be achieved.
  • The app is designed such that when you know a new word, you remember the word through regular revisions.
  • This app has great graphics that make the process of learning interesting and fun.

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4. English Speaking Practice

If you already know the rules and the basic of English well, you probably would want to jump to the speaking part. This app focusses on helping you improve your spoken English. The app has various phases of learning. First, you get to see the dialogues and listen to how it has to be spoken. The audio lets you understand what is the right tone of speech. After you listen, you have to take up a quiz related to the situation and dialogues. After that, you have to practice and then record. You can choose an automated conversation partner and then play the role of the other person in the dialogue.

Best Feature-

You get to see categories within the app. These categories are very specific to situations. If you want to learn how to converse in a formal setting, you can choose that category.

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5. Hello Talk

If you want to take your conversation experience to another level, there’s Hello Talk. Using this app, you can talk to the native speakers of English who can help you better. A lot of times, the ability of an automated language learning app fails to deliver what we want. That is when humans are of best help. You can express yourself and be understood precisely. This caters to what you actually want.

Best Features-

  • There are various tools that you can use for a better communication. Tools, like translation, correction, transliteration, notepad, etc make talking to the native speakers easier.
  • You can even voice call the native speaker to improve communication.

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These are the best English learning apps that will help improve your English. Besides using the app, you have to practice English on a daily basis if you wish to witness real improvement. Try taking initiative and talking in English whenever possible. One of the best habits that enhance spoken English is reading. The more you read, the newer words you get to know.

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