Dunzo it! Every Bangalorean should have this android app installed

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Dunzo it! Is anybody over here familiar with Dunzo? well, not many are because Dunzo has only 1,048 downloads on Google Play Store. Now, you must be thinking what does this app do? In simple words, it does everything your personal assistant would do, from getting a plumber to buying groceries. Currently, its services are available only around Central Bangalore, but boy you need this app installed if you’re living in the area. Amazing start ups with great ideas and execution struggle in the e-commerce industry because they go unnoticed and this article is to let you know about such an app.

The start up company works in a converted home in Indiranagar, Bangalore with just 40 employees.They claim to do any task you give them, including “getting a pigeon out of your house”! well, isn’t that something? Imagine you get just two days off a week and all of your time gets wasted because you had to send a parcel, go grocery shopping, get your leaking kitchen pipe fixed, and buy some baby clothes for your distant relatives new born. And some people don’t even get two days off a week, what about them? such a disaster right? This is where Dunzo can dash in like Superman and save your day. They can run all the errands I mentioned above including getting a plumber, electrician, or maid to your home.

How to use Dunzo app?

The app is very simple and has a user friendly interface. You can ask the app to do any task for you and they will assign you a Dunzo executive who will help you. For example, if I want to buy food from A2B, this is how I need to assign a task (refer the images below). Once you assign a shop, the app will come up with choices of the shop if its in different areas and you can pick any one of them. The closest one would be the cheapest one because the services are charged for “Buy” according the distance between the pick up (the restaurant) and the delivery location (your location).


Just because I typed A2B, it doesn’t mean that you can only buy stuff from popular shops, you can ask the app to get you even paan, from your favorite paanwala. Once your task is assigned to a Dunzo executive, you will have the option to chat with the customer care in case of any confusion. They will also provide you with the phone number of the executive with whom you can connect any time.

Cash on Delivery is not really a payment option in the app, but they will let you pay cash to their executive just for the first time. Well, that doesn’t really matter because most of the city dwellers doesn’t carry cash around much and prefer to get everything done through e-wallets and online transactions.

Why is Dunzo different from Swiggy, Foodpanda, and similar services?

The services of food delivering apps like swiggy and Foodpanda are limited to only a few restaurants, and the maximum they can update their services is by extending the number of restaurants they are going to serve from. On the other hand, Dunzo can get you food from anywhere! any small hotel or tiffin house that does not come under the lists of any other food delivery app. And you know, Dunzo can do so much more than just delivering food. It’s just like having a friend on a motorcycle who will get your errands done.

Is Dunzo expensive?

When compared to the kind of charges other apps that delivers food, or anything else, Dunzo charges very less. If your shopping, which means you’ve clicked on the “Buy” option in the app, the minimum charge is Rs 50. The service charge will increase based on how far the pick up point is from your place. Well, that’s not at all expensive right?

I started using the app four months ago and had really great experiences with the customer care as well as with the delivery persons. They are really friendly and very cooperative. No matter what the time is and if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, if you have this app, imagine, your work as done. Isn’t that something new and great? If you feel so,  download and try the app today!

If you found this article useful, or want to share your experiences about Dunzo, feel free to use the comments section below! Keep following droidadda.com for more news and updates on everything android!

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