Eternity Warriors is now Easily Accessible on PC

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With every passing day, the gaming industry finds itself blessed with new improvements. The gaming industry today is booming like never before. With almost life like games and a personal touch to each of them, games today are more updated and better in comparison to their forefathers. From better graphics to fabulous sound effects, virtual gaming is becoming more and more advanced, owing to technological developments all over the world. Eternity Warriors by Glu Mobile is gaining its popularity quickly and it you can also download and play Eternity Warriors on PC. Gone are the days when you could enjoy a gaming session only if you had the gaming console. Games have evolved successfully post that too.

There are many games which have been improvised and many new games which have been introduced to people now. Today, computer gaming and the games designed for android smartphones have taken the world by surprise. Now, all it requires for amateur gamers to start gaming is to have a smartphone with a suitable operating system or a computer or laptop with the necessary graphic software. Read on to get step by step guide to download Eternity Warriors for PC. It is as easy as playing Candy Crush for PC which we already described earlier here at Droidadda.

Eternity Warriors for PC

Eternity Warriors is one of the highly trending android game available for gamers for download from Google Play Store and getting Eternity Warriors for PC is easy. This wonderful and very addictive game has had more than a million downloads and is one of the most popular games in the android market today. It is a three dimensional action game with high quality graphics and perfectly amazing sound effects which will make you up and provide you with a real gaming experience. This game has a fantasy world of Lord of Hell and a vicious dragon which has shown its wrath on the Kingdom of Uder. The dragon indeed looks dangerous and cunning which engrosses the gamers into the game even more.

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Being the much needed hero of Uder, the player has to take three avatars to save the kingdom. The game allows players to communicate with each other, form alliances and also discuss their weapons. As the game progresses, new abilities and skills are bestowed upon the user to help them accomplish the goal. These new abilities make the player strong and capable enough to fight against the immense power of the villain, the dragon.

As the plot thickens, it is needless to say that this game is really interesting and has caught the attention of many gamers. People get addicted to the game to the extent of playing it all day. Although Eternity Warriors was designed to be an android game, playing it on your PC or Laptop, where the full extent of graphics and sounds can be experienced on a bigger screen, the appeal is undeniable and very tempting. In order to download Eternity Warriors on PC or Laptop, follow these given steps:

How to Download Eternity Warriors for PC

  1. First and foremost, you must download and install Bluestacks android player on your PC/Laptop.
  2. If you look closely in the Bluestacks’ search bar there will be a space where you can enter what you are looking out for, post this search for Eternity Warriors for PC.
  3. After you have searched the game, click on install option and begin to install Eternity Warriors on your PC (which should apparently take only a few minutes).
  4. After installation, you will come across an option of “RUN”. Run the gaming application with Bluestacks and enjoy a wonderful gaming experience of Eternity warriors for PC.

For those who would prefer a slightly different and an easier method, there is an alternative to this style of downloading Eternity Warriors for PC:

Alternative way to Play Eternity Warriors on Your PC

  • Download the apk file to the PC or Laptop.
  • Double clicking on the apk file should directly lead you to Bluestacks window. In case that doesn’t happen, right click on the apk file and go to “Open With”. Choose to open the file with Bluestacks from the options.
  • Once the file opens with Bluestacks, install it to your PC, which will take only a couple of minutes.
  • Once the installation is complete, you are now ready to bring on a joyful gaming session.

Thus, these were the two quick and absolutely easy step guides to downloading the game Eternity Warriors for PC. There is a reason why computer gaming has not and will not go out trend for a long time, which is the fact that even though our phones become ultra-modern, it can still not match up to the wonderful graphic joys that a computer or laptop can provide, due to better RAM and processors.

The makers of the famed game Eternity Warriors, are working on improving the graphics and plot of the game with every new instalment that they bring to the table. The latest version is Eternity Warriors 3. However, the series just doesn’t lose its charm for the gaming population. After all, who wouldn’t love to be the hero that saves a fantasy land and its people from the spell of a vicious dragon, right? While having this game on your phone serves as an entertaining way to kill time when you’re waiting for someone to arrive, or when you are traveling to work, it eats up the battery since the graphics and sound require heavy processing, i.e. more power. Thus, it is advisable to play this game on the PC or the laptop, not only because of its improved quality of gaming experience, but also because it will help you save immense battery for your phone, which can be put to good use otherwise.


Eternity Warriors is available for Android as well as iOS users on their respective Play Store services. The mobile version of the game can be downloaded from the Play Store, whereas you will have to follow our quick and easy tutorial to download Eternity Warriors for PC. This is a game that most people heartily enjoy, owing to the fantasy land and heroic deeds the player is required to do in the game.

Eternity Warriors Gameplay

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