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Download Dolphin Browser for PC: As a machine needs proper lubricating oil to work in its optimum level, a smartphone too needs a proper internet browser to work smartly and ergonomically. Dolphin browser, which has been awarded as the best internet browsing tool is such an app which enhances your internet surfing experiences and helps you out to use your smartphone fully. Dolphin browser, created and developed by Mobotap is a proprietary mobile browser for the Android and iOS operating systems and we all know how to download it in your smartphones from the respective App Stores. But today we will guide you about how to download Dolphin Browser on Windows and Mac PC. So go through the whole article amigos, and start using this magnificent Dolphin Browser for PC on your desktop or laptop running Windows OS.

Download Dolphin Browser for PC

Dolphin browser was first launched in the year 2012 and is famous for introducing multi-touch gesture for the Android platform. Since then, this app developed some new techniques to ease off the browsing experiences of the users. Dolphin browser introduced tabbed browsing where users can open and switch between web pages with multiple tabs either at the top of the screen or a thumbnail button at the bottom. This browser is also one of the pathfinders to offer the users voice searching facility, gesture browsing by which users can draw characters to call websites like T for Twitter, F for Facebook and displays web content in a magazine-style format. So friends how cool it would be to use this brilliant, one of a kind browser in your desktop. We have indeed guided you with the steps and the in-depth procedure of how to download Dolphin Browser for PC. But before that, check out the cool features the Dolphin browser offers to its users in a more detailed fashion:

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Features of Dolphin Browser

Download Dolphin browser for PC

  • Dolphin browser for PC comes with a simple and smart user interface which makes your browsing experience smooth, easy and you do not need any user guide to use this popular browser.
  • This browser loads web pages in a compressed format and thus make the browser fast, reliable and saves a lot of data too.
  • Dolphin browser offers its users some unique features like they can use speed dialing to locate the most visited sites, gesture enabled navigation, voice search, social storage and many more to enhance your browsing experience.
  • One can customize the homepage screen of the browser by adding numerous most used applications, and can access them by a single touch.
  • Dolphin browser for PC lets its users to change the graphics and theme color according to their interest.
  • This famous browser is equipped with some deeply thought add-ons like SpeedTest, LastPass, Evernote, Web to PDF, Amazon Search to smoothen users browsing experience.
  • Another notable feature of the Dolphin browser is it enables the users to synchronize their bookmarks saved in their mobile devices, with their PC.
  • Dolphin browser also offers its users an interesting Battery Saver feature which allows you to keep on browsing for longer time by turning on the energy saving tricks such as dimming the screen light and turning on sleep mode.
  • As the Dolphin browser for PC comes with Flash player enabled, you can enjoy the best gaming and video experiences with this browser.
  • This modern day browser download files in a lightning speed and also facilitates its users to download HTML5 and Flash videos from Vine, buzzfeed, Hulu and more add-ons.
  • Apart from these Dolphin browser comes with regular browsing features like AdBlock, tabbar, sidebar, incognito browsing etc.

So friends you have noticed how rich, useful and versatile the Dolphin browser really is. So what are you waiting for?? Check out below the prerequisites of downloading Dolphin browser on your PC. We have discussed thoroughly what should be the configuration of your system or the minimum system requirements of your desktop/laptop before you download Dolphin browser on PC.

Dolphin browser for PC: Minimum System Requirements

You need a very basic level of system requirements to use Dolphin browser on Windows or Mac PC. If you use a Windows system (2014 or later) or a Mac one (2014 or later) with modern standards of hardware and software specifications, then you need not to worry about checking the compatibility. Otherwise, check out the below points to make sure that your system is 100 % compatible to download Dolphin browser for Windows or Mac PC.

  • Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1, 10 or Mac OS X
  • Internet
  • 4 GB of RAM and enough free storage (minimum 5-10 GB) in C Drive for BlueStacks’s files and files of Dolphin browsers to be installed.
  • Full HD resolution display screen.
  • 1 GB HD compatible Graphics Card and that should come up to dated.

So, you are now all set to download the popular and amazing Dolphin browser on PC. So now check out the steps to download it on your Windows PC. We have described all the steps vividly and with proper screen shots. So hopefully you won’t have any problem to grasp the entire procedure. Check out below folks.

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Download Dolphin Browser for PC (Windows 8.1/8/7/XP)

As we have said earlier, Dolphin browser is exclusively made for the Android and iOS users. So, if you use an Android smartphone then simply visit or tap the Play Store icon and search for the browser in the search bar. If you use an Apple device then visit www. or the visit the iTunes Store from your iPhone to use the browser  on it.

But, unfortunately, Dolphin browser is not officially available for the Windows PC. So to download and use Dolphin browser on Windows PC (8.1/8/7/XP) you have to download an Android emulator first. An Android emulator is software which mimics Android on your Windows or Mac PC so that you can play any Android app without your device actually having Android, through the emulator’s online interface. Though there are plenty of Android emulators available in the market, but we will recommend you to use the BlueStacks for this process. BlueStacks comes with a very user friendly interface and is very secure & reliable. Don’t worry folks, it is not as tough as discovering the gravitational waves. We have explained the whole process of how to download Dolphin browser on PC in a detailed manner, below. Just follow these easy steps and you are all set to enjoy downloading this superb Dolphin Browser for PC.

Step 1: Ok, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to download the BlueStacks Android emulator software and install it on your desktop/laptop.

Step 2: As soon as you completed the installation process, launch the app player and click on the Search tool you notice at the Home page.

Download Dolphin for PC

Step 3: After that, write ‘Dolphin Browser’ as a search term and hit the link you found in the search results.

Download Dolphin browser for Windows PC

Step 4: Now, a pop up will appear on your computer screen instructing to set up sync feature of the software. You will require need a Google account to complete the synchronize process and login. Also by the virtue of this step you will be able to access Android’s ecosystem.

Download Dolphin browser on PC

Step 5: Once you get the proper access to use the ecosystem, the Google Play Store will open automatically and you will notice the desired Dolphin Browser app in the search results along with the other Android apps.

Use Dolphin browser for PC

Step 6: Now finally, click on the app again, hit the Install and Accept buttons at front.

You are now competent to use the Dolphin browser from Windows PC. The whole process will take a couple of minutes. So don’t be impatient, wait until the Dolphin browser for PC is ready to use on your system.

Anytime you want to use the browser later, just launch the BlueStacks app player again and then launch this superb browser from its first screen. If you can’t see the Dolphin browser at the first screen, then you can find it under “All Apps” section or use the search tool to find and launch Dolphin browser on PC.

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Dolphin Browser for Mac: Download Guide

As we have mentioned earlier, Dolphin browser is officially available for the iOS users. So if you want to use the Dolphin browser from Mac device simply visit the Apple iTunes, search and install the browser on your Mac device. You don’t have to spend a single dime to download Dolphin browser for Mac device as this app comes absolutely free of cost.

Dolphin Browser for Windows 10 OS

Friends we already have given you lessons about how to use Dolphin browser on Windows (8.1/8/7/XP) and Mac devices. But if you are using the latest Windows 10 OS on your system and wish to use the Dolphin browser on Windows 10 then simply follow the BlueStacks or the Android emulator process we have discussed above for the Windows 8.1/8/7/XP version. This process is exactly same for every Windows version and the easiest too.

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Dolphin Browser Best Alternatives

There are chances that you don’t like the Dolphin browser for PC (the chances are very rare though), or you have get bored of this awesome app, then what are the options you are left with?? What are the best possible alternatives of the Dolphin browser you can get your hands on?? Well, we have prepared a small list of other substitutes of the Dolphin browser, exclusively for you, which are surely worthy of consideration.  So check out the best alternatives of the Dolphin Browser, below:

  • Chrome for Android
  • Firefox for Android
  • UC Browser
  • Opera Browser
  • Flynx Browser

Wrap Up

Droidadda lovers, hopefully we have been able to quench your thirst about how to download and install Dolphin Browser for PC, through this article. Believe us friends, this browser is one of the best things you can download on your desktop. The features Dolphin browser offer is truly awesome and some are even jaw-dropping. So don’t waste any more time, and start using Dolphin browser on PC, today. If you have questions regarding the steps we described above, you can post your queries in our comments section without any hesitation. We can assure a prompt reply will wait for you. Thank you.

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