The Democrats Demand More Transparency in Political Ad Placement

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The US Democrats pointed out that there is a vital necessity of bringing political ad placement on social media under observation. According to lawmakers, the new signs of Russian intrusion in the 2016 US elections demands serious legal norms that would require social media companies to disclose more about their political campaign ads.

On television, we can know whose ad is being played and we can look up everything about the ad makers and who paid for the ad. This is not the case of social media ads. Key players in the political system like the voters, journalists, and researches cannot obtain information about who places the political ads and how much they are spending on it.

Facebook Inc revealed that a Russian project had gotten thousands of ads on Facebook to influence the image of US. These ads which looked like US ads were totally biased in nature, regarding sensitive issues like immigration, gay rights, and racism. The period of this project is said to be a shocking two years and probably can influence a lot of people’s perception of the US  opinions.

Facebook, which is undoubtedly the largest social media network in the world has been criticized in the past as well for the lack of transparency when it comes to ads. The power of social media and the internet is massive today, which means that if not regulated well, this power can be used for destruction. However, Google, who is like the big Daddy of the internet said that it didn’t get any evidence of a project like the one Facebook had mentioned.

According to the US intelligence agencies, Russia has been influencing the internet and social media to help the Republican candidate, Donald Trump win over Hilary Clinton, who was the Democratic party candidate.

With the scenario becoming scarier day by day, all we can hope is to have tight regulation over who does what on the internet, including Political Ad Placement. Issues of privacy and freedom of speech do mess of with stringent rules and surveillance on the internet, which makes it much harder to put it into practice. The need of the hour is a system that regulates internet activities without causing any trouble to the general public.

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