Chrome 61 Launched for PC and Android: Here’s What’s New in It

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Google has recently launched the new Chrome 61 for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The new PC version of Google Chrome now supports JavaScript modules and WebUSB support, along with some additional developer features. You can download the latest version of the Chrome now through the browser’s built-in updater which runs in the background or else you can download it directly from

Following the roll out for PC version, the latest version of Chrome for Android devices has hit stable channels and is expected to be launched for the mobile devices in the upcoming weeks. The version 61 of Google Chrome includes many new features, including a new and updated Google Translate toolbar and an improved share menu. In addition to that, the redesigned bottom bar also appears to be rolling out with the update.

New features of Chrome 61

Here’s a list of new features and updates that the new version of Chrome will support.

Chrome Home

The experimental Chrome Home interface from Google first appeared a year ago, but the feature was only responsible for moving Chrome’s address bar to the bottom of the screen. However, in March this year Chrome’s UI completely changed with the addition of the New Tab page and a new navigation bar at the bottom. Now with the new version of Chrome, the new Chrome Home appears in the new interface.

Translate bar

Chrome’s ability to translate languages automatically is one that makes it a standout among other browsers. When you visit some webpage that is in a language which is not native to your location,  Chrome automatically asks you permission to translate the webpage. Once you allow it to translate, it takes about 5-10 seconds and the entire page switches to your native language. This feature is already available on Chrome for Android, but with the new Chrome 61, the translate interface is getting an important upgrade.

Revamped file picker

The current file picker present in Chrome is very basic with just a small popup on the bottom of the screen providing the option of choosing the camera or file manager. However, with the new Chrome 61, the file picker has been revamped with the most important change being opening the file manager in Chrome itself instead of opening the file manager in another tab. This makes Chrome’s file picker more efficient and user-friendly.

Web Share API

The Chrome 55 version launched last year came with the support of Web Share API. Now the new API present in Chrome 61 allows you to create share buttons that work like the share buttons present in various native Android apps. It also now allows you to Web Share API globally, which means the sites needn’t register with Google for the feature to work.


Originally set to become a part of Chrome 60, the WebUSB API feature is finally coming to Chrome in its latest version of 61. As the name suggests this feature allows the web pages to interact with some specific USB devices when it’s provided with user permission. This feature only works for the web pages that have the HTTPS certificate to make the feature work. You might think that there could be security issues with this feature, but Google has made sure that you don’t face any of them while using the feature.


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