13 Best Pedometer Apps for Android and iOS

Smartphones are called “smart” because the way these gadgets make our life much easier. We may take Pedometer Apps for example as it help us to stay fit and fine for sure. In this article we will be listing some the best Pedometer Apps for Android and iOS right here at Droidadda.com. Smartphones are really like blessings for us today. Remember … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android Smartphones

Music has been a part of our life now-a-days. While travelling or chilling out with friends, music is a part you can’t avoid. Discarding music players, today’s smartphone and tablet has taken priority. Having a great music streaming app in our phone not only allows us to tap and play but also we can start music on demand! Today we will be providing … [Read more...]

Top 10 Android Watches to Look Out For

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Top 10 Best Android VPN Providers of 2015

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Top 10 Spy Apps for Android Smartphones

Spying, they say have made and ruined the lives of many. Spying is a secret version of keeping a track of an individual’s day to day lives and activities without his/ her knowledge and also as anonymous. There's Several Spy apps for android are available on PlayStore, check out the best 10 out of them. Many a times, even though we love our partners … [Read more...]