How to Boost Your Android Phone Camera for Panoramic Photography

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One of the most important features we want to be in our phone is a good camera. It’s not an unknown fact that today is the age of selfies and dubsmashes. Imagine if you go on a trip and you’re standing in the middle of a tulip farm and you want to click a wide angle shot on your phone. This is when you require 360 camera android for your phone which is an attachment that will let you click panoramic shots.

Panoramic photography is photography that is in wide format. The photographs clicked have wide field of views and can give you a virtual tour through the picture. More than an image, it’s like looking around into far away things surrounding the photographer.

There are wide angle lenses for panoramic photography using a DSLR, but not everyone has got a DSLR. 360 camera android will help you click wide shots on your android phone. These 360 degree android camera attachments have live view function. It will let you immerse yourself in the photographs you click, and you’ll feel like you are back at that place.

Here are a few 360 camera android phone attachments that we have picked for you:

This is the best in the game 360 camera for your phone because it will give you a true 360 degree view. The biggest advantage of having this attachment is that it is very simple and easy to use. It is as easy clicking on the big tap button on your mobile camera.

The Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera is simple yet loaded with features. It has better color accuracy when compared its competitors and can be connected to the WiFi to share the pictures and videos with your friends. They work well with android as well as iOS devices.

This camera, manufactured by Topvision comes with two lenses on either sides to provide you with a 360 degree view. The image quality is high and the camera is attached to your smartphone through a companion app. You can see whatever your camera sees on your phone screen and control it.

You get a USB charger, a tripod, a camera mount, and a water proof case when you buy this camera. This will make sure that your camera companion for the adventurous trip is safe.

Samsung is one among the most popular smartphone companies of all time which means that a lot of people have Samsung phones. This camera is particularly designed for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. There are two lenses that are placed horizontally and vertically, covering 180degrees on both the sides giving you a 360 degree view.

The picture clarity of the images are good because of the 25.9 MP resolution. This camera is water and dust resistant which makes it fit for use during outdoor adventures.

This camera is the best partner for your outdoor shoots and road trips. Even though it’s rice is a bit higher, it is dust and water resistant. This 4K video camera will be your best companion if you’re looking for shooting in any type of weather conditions outdoors. It takes 240 degree shots which means that it really doesn’t give you the entire 360 degree view.

Additional features like built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, non-assisted GPS, and eight times more internal memory are available too. However, only video recording can be done but pressing the button on the attachment. To click pictures, you will need to open the app that controls it.

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