Review for The Bola App: Budget and Expense Tracker

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One of the new apps of the year 2017 is Bola App. The App has been developed by MoneyCoach UG, Germany. This App is meant to help you manage your expenses and carry out efficient saving. While there are a number of apps that exist already for the same purpose, this one claims to have better features. Since this is an App that’s been introduced this year, it might be able to better serve the present money management needs.

The app has been recently updated on July 3, 2017. Around 1000 to 5000 people have downloaded it as of now. And the overall rating is 4.8, which makes it all more important to review this app. The download size is 2.36 MB, so you can download the App even for the sake of trying it.

You can install the app from both Google play store as well as Apple’s Appstore. Since there are chances you might find some random apps with the same name but different category, you can type “Bola- expense” to get the app in the first place. After installing the app, you have to sign up using your email id. After you’ve signed up, you have to choose a name for your budget and then select whether you want a weekly, monthly, or a one-off budget update.

Bola App

Once you’re done with choosing the budget type, you have to select the start and finish date for the budget. You can also choose your currency type base on what country you belong to. Then you enter the amount your budget amount and the amount that’s left with you.

Bola App

After this, you get to either activate or not activate an option called “rollover option”. This option lets you rollover your over spent or under spent money to the next month’s budget. Here, you’re done with the setup and you are taken to a screen that tells how much money you have left for spending today.

Bola App                     Bola App

On the bottom left of the screen, there’s an option that lets you add a new budget. In the bottom center, there’s an icon that would let you input your expense of the day or income of the day. You can also add a description of what you spent the money on or where you received the money from. When you add either, your amount left for the rest of the day is updated. If you have two or more budgets, the third functionality called “transfer” lets you transfer the amount from one budget to another.

Bola App

On the bottom right, there’s an icon that provides you with a list of expenditures and incomes that you have entered. On the top right, there’s an icon that takes you to settings where you can get a guide to the app, switch on and off the notifications, and other features.

The Bola app could either be really helpful or of no use to people. It would also take time to get used to the features. The good thing about the app is that it does the math for you. If you have the app and if you have a habit of updating your expenses, you don’t have to do a lot for maintaining your budget. It pretty much does it all. So, to explore better and to find out how useful the app is for you, download the app and test it. To get the Bola app, click here.


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