Some of the Best Voice Recorder App Available for Android Devices

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One of the coolest things about your Android smartphone is that it almost serves as your own digital assistant that stays with you anywhere you go. This is because of the huge plethora of functions that they bring with them, like helping you read emails, make calls, take pictures and videos, and even act as your personal voice recorder as well. In day to day activities, you might find the need to record voice, may be to interview people, take voice notes, or record a conversation for security. Most of the smartphones today come with a voice recorder app but these default apps don’t offer high-quality recordings.

This is why downloading other good voice recorder app for your smartphone is a viable option to choose for. However, the presence of a huge number of voice recording apps might cause confusion on what to download. So here’s a list of the best voice recorder app for Android that you can use on your smartphone to record high-quality audio.

Best voice recorder app for Android devices

Easy Voice Recorder

This is probably the most simple and easy to use app that is completely dedicated to voice recording functions only. It has a good interface and an interface that looks and feels very modern that is equally matched by its capacity to record high-quality audio without any clutters. This app redefines clarity and simplicity when it comes to recording any audio using your smartphone. You can easily download the Easy Voice Recorder apk from the Google Play Store, which will allow you to record audio in WAV and PCM format. However, if you want other high-quality audio formats, you can upgrade to the paid version of the app.

RecForce II

Unlike other ordinary voice recorders, the RecForge II app for Android is loaded with a large number of features that you might truly enjoy. Not only this app helps you record high-quality audio but it also doubles up as an audio editor and also a file manager where you can copy, move, rename, convert and even delete your audio files. The application also has a feature called time stretching that allows you to adjust the playing rate, skip silence, schedule recordings, and much more.

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Sony’s Audio Recorder

This app was actually designed for Sony’s Xperia devices and for some of Sony’s audio peripherals, but now it’s available in the Google Play Store so that a larger audience can use it. The app is very popular among people and many recommend this app for recording voice. Sony’s Audio Recorder app has a simple material design interface that makes things very simple for the users, The app doesn’t have any other extra features but it’s a great app for recording audios.

audio recorder app

Voice recorder by Splend Apps

This is probably one of the most used and installed voice recorder apps by the people. The app is more or less liked mostly by the advanced users as it offers a lot of options and features that let you tweak your recordings as well. This app lets you adjust everything starting from the bitrate and sample rate to changing the audio codecs. Available for free in the Google Play Store, the app, in fact, has some in app purchases that unlock more features for you to use.

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