Best Video Player Apps If You Want More Than Your Default Video Player

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All of the smartphones are equipped with a default video player. If you are okay settling down for the most basic video player, you would probably use the default one. However, there are so many people who would want to enhance their video watching experience. If you are one of them, this article will give you so many options for doing so. The Google Play Store has a big list of video player apps. To help you find the best out of so many, here’s a list of 7 best video player apps for your android device.

Top 7 Video Player Apps

MX Player

MX player is considered to be the best of all video player apps. What makes it so special are an abundance of features that it has. Here are the features of MX player.

  • You can swipe up/down on the screen with two fingers to control the playback speed.
  • You can dynamically change the audio track.
  • MX player has multiple decoding modes. This simply means MX player is faster than most of the video player apps you can name.
  • It covers almost all file formats. No matter what your video format is, MX player won’t fail at playing it.
  • You can add subtitles to the video by selecting the subtitles file.
  • The folder list in MX player only shows those folders that contain video files. You don’t have to go through a mixture of files and struggle to find the video you are looking for.

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VLC Player

VLC player is a name that we’ve known since long. We had played videos on the VLC player on our computers even before we had phones. Beyond any reason, people like using VLC for the trust it has built. Below are some of its coolest features.

  • You can capture or record the video that is running.
  • When you play music, you can also add and choose to display the song lyrics.
  • Using VLC media player, you can extract audio from a video file.
  • You can customize the interface of VLC media player by installing different skins.

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Mobo Player

Mobo player is a great alternative for your default video player as well. It is an ideal app if you like a clean user interface with easy to operate functionalities. Below given features make it the third most suggested video player app.

  • It supports a wide range of video as well as audio files. Also, it has a great variety of external video codecs out of which you can choose what you want to.
  • It has a built-in dual option of how you want to view it, namely- tablet mode and landscape mode.
  • You can control various functions using your gestures.
  • When you decide to exit from the video player and get back again later, it remembers from where to resume.
  • You can view the hidden files in the folder by choosing to view hidden files. This can be done by going to settings.

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BS Player

Just like VLC media player, it is an old video playing software/ app that can be trusted with its performance. Following are the great features that it offers.

  • One of the best features is- you can cast the video from your phone to a bigger device with this app if you want to. It has got Chromecast support as well.
  • You can play youtube files on the app directly. Besides playing the youtube files, it also saves them on your hard-drive in the form of FLV files.
  • While a video plays, you can screenshot any bit of it and save it in the form of a jpeg file.
  • It lets you merge an audio file with a video file.

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Allcast Player

Just as the name suggests, it lets you cast the video using your phone to the big screen. Let’s see what are its different features.

  • The signature feature that Allcast has is- it can let you watch videos of your phone on another device. This can happen since this video player app lets you send the local videos. It supports Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox 360/one, Roku, and much more that are DLNA compliant.
  • With Allcast in your phone, your Android phone can even turn into an Allcast receiver device.

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Wondershare Player

You can make out from the name of this player that it offers a special feature. Wondershare video player lets you share videos from your device to a different device over wifi. It has some more features which are given below.

  • You can directly browse videos on the internet through the Wondershare app. This is possible since the app has its own built-in browser. It also provides suggests the videos that are trending.
  • If you have found an interesting video but don’t have the time to watch at the moment, you can use the “watch later” option.
  • While it boasts a number of great features, it still doesn’t your device’s battery much.

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Video Player All Format

Video player all format supports all kinds of video file formats, like MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, and much more. This is especially good for you if you watch videos of a great variety of file type. Other features include-

  • It supports 4k resolution videos- which means it plays ultra HD videos as well.
  • You can share videos very easily using this video player app.
  • You can adjust the subtitles as well as audio.
  • You get the equalizer option in the playback screen.

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Price List of The Video Player Apps

App Name Price*
MX Player Free
VLC Media Player Free
Mobo Player Free, Pro version- Rs 300
BS Player Free, Paid version- Rs 370
Allcast player Free
Wondershare Player Free
Video Player All Format Free

*All these apps may have in-app purchases.

While there is a never-ending list of video player apps available in the Play store, these are definitely the best ones available. Depending on what your need is, you can download any of them. Also, since these video player apps are free, you can install and test and figure out which you want to use for a longer term.

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